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“Anomalie Uses Big Data To Make Buying A Wedding Dress Easier For Brides...”

“Anomalie cuts the cost of wedding dresses, and is an apparel brand to watch.”

— Forbes

“Anomalie is willing to embrace software to offer 4 billion design permutations and break the markup cartel by selling gowns starting at $1000.”

“…their dresses are just as high-quality at a fraction of the price, and you get to brag about how you helped design it.”

— TechCrunch

“The answer... came from Anomalie, a start-up that was selling custom-made wedding gowns for a fraction of their comparable boutique cost.”

“Anomalie saves clients more than 70 percent by selling directly to brides from factories where it makes custom gowns using the same materials as boutique brands like Monique Lhuillier.”

— The New York Times

“While shopping for her own nuptials, she formed relationships with wedding dress suppliers and formed Anomalie.”

— Women’s Wear Daily

“It’s Warby Parker for wedding dresses, eschewing brick-and-mortar locations and working directly with factories to cut markups.”

— Disruption Magazine

“The company's digital platform allows soon-to-be brides to work with technical designers to create a custom dress and bypass what can be an expensive and stressful day at retail stores.”

— Cheddar

“They can offer customers a lower price on boutique-quality dresses because they handle factory operations themselves.”

— SF Chronicle

“A dress that sold for $5,000 in a boutique might cost as little as $200 in labor and supplies. By working directly with the factories, Anomalie can produce a custom gown for about $1,200.”

— Harvard Review

“Anomalie is a web-based start-up that wants to help modernize an industry that hasn’t changed much in decades...”

— Inbound Logistics

“The Anomalie outfit transitioned throughout the night: the ceremony was a long skirt and top kept simple to highlight a graphic thistle veil; for the reception, the train came off to reveal a silk column dress with fun shoulders, and for dancing, a jacket with shimmery, metallic beadwork.”

— Junebug Weddings

“As seen on Carats and Cake feature of Susan & Steven’s wedding in Oceanside, CA.”

— Carats & Cake

“Offers customers... a lower price on boutique-quality dresses because (they) supervise all of the operations and manufacturing...”

— Washington Post

“Direct-to-consumer bridal start-up Anomalie lets you custom-design your dream wedding dress. The best part? You’ll still be able to stay within your budget.”

— Fashionista

“This company creates custom wedding dresses that are actually affordable...”

— Brit + Co
Bride Reviews

Our brides share their experience. Read what they’re saying.

Anomalie Wedding Dress

In an overpriced industry with high margins and little transparency, finding Anomalie was one of my favorite gems of my wedding.

By Aileen F.

Anomalie Wedding Dress

I have been receiving so many inquires about who made my dress because it is that special and unique.

By Reny P.

Anomalie Wedding Dress

My dress was impeccable! The quality was second to none…

By Maria F.

Anomalie Wedding Dress

They took all the stress out of not finding my perfect dress, but actually creating my dress.

By Chelsea M.

Anomalie Wedding Dress

The process, although done completely virtually, felt very personal and I felt deeply involved with each step along the way.

By Elizabeth B.

Anomalie Wedding Dress

I was never the type of girl who dreamed of my wedding day or knew the exact style dress I wanted to walk down the aisle with, but I think my decision to choose Anomalie changed everything.

By Jacquie S.

Anomalie Wedding Dress

There is something so special about being able to say that you designed your own wedding dress. I honestly want another wedding, just to work with them again!

By Jaimie T.

Anomalie Wedding Dress

I cannot rave enough about Anomalie. It's not just a dress shop, it's a bridal service that brides can use so that they can have an ease of mind through wedding planning.

By Jocelyn L.

Anomalie Wedding Dress

My dress was everything I could imagine!

By Chablis B.

Anomalie Wedding Dress

Anomalie worked with me to bring a fairly complicated, beaded vision to life and the final product exceeded my wildest dreams.

By Kristen D.

Anomalie Wedding Dress

I love that I had a one-of-a-kind dress, made for my body, that didn't cost a fortune.

By Katie W.

Anomalie Wedding Dress

Little did I know that going with Anomalie would be the best decision I ever made. I highly recommend Anomalie to any bride-to-be looking to design a dress that is unique.

By Lisa C.

Anomalie Wedding Dress

I highly recommend Anomalie if you want to have a custom, one of a kind wedding dress, for a fraction of the cost you would pay at a boutique...

By Susan T

Anomalie Wedding Dress

Anomalie was the best decision of our wedding. They create the most stunning, completely customized dresses, and ensure an experience you will remember for a lifetime...

By Courtney W.

Anomalie Wedding Dress

$20k - $30k custom made dresses did not fit as well as mine did...

By Maggie

Anomalie Wedding Dress

I wanted a custom half-Indian, half-American fusion dress. Anomalie was able to create in real life exactly what I had been imagining in my dreams...

By Neena K.

Anomalie Wedding Dress

They worked seamlessly and tirelessly with me throughout the entire process, always with excellent communication and a cheery attitude...

By Kim T

Anomalie Wedding Dress

My dress was one-third the price of the boutique gowns I was pining over, and turned out five times as beautiful!

By Andrea

Anomalie Wedding Dress

Would definitely recommend choosing Anomalie for your wedding; whether you don’t want the stress and pressure of finding something that fits just right, have a dream dress in mind, or just have a budget to stick to.

By Ada

Anomalie Wedding Dress

It’s not just about the dress – it's about the team and the support you get along the way. And that's something only Anomalie provides!

By Sarina

Anomalie Wedding Dress

The process was reassuring, interactive and transparent, the quality of materials and work were outstanding, and the level of attention to detail at all stages was spectacular.

By Elizabeth ( Mother )

Anomalie Wedding Dress

The end product was truly the dress of my dreams and outdid anything I’d ever seen in a magazine or on a rack.

By Joanna

Anomalie Wedding Dress

My dress from Anomalie was perfect, down to the very last detail.

By Erica P

Anomalie Wedding Dress

Loved the transparent and speedy communication. Loved how collaborative the whole process was. And loved having a one-of-a-kind outfit for my wedding day.

By Christine L

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