You may just have uttered—or more accurately, squealed—the easiest “yes” of your life, but now you’re faced with a bewildering question: where to even begin your wedding dress search? We know navigating the wedding gown world is no easy feat and, here at Anomalie, we’re committed to guiding you no matter which route you choose (the more traditional boutique route or designing a custom wedding dress online)—that’s why we’ve paved the way with some easy tips. Keep reading to get all the details on where to begin your quest for the perfect dress!

Anomalie online custom wedding dress, organza, silk mikado

Rachel designed an A-line gown with a Mikado bodice and organza skirt, adding cutouts on the back design. Photo: The Shamuses Photography

As You Start Your Search

There are a handful of factors you should ponder as you get started with your search:

Your Personal Style

Are you a romantic lady or a boho soul? Perhaps you lean more toward simple and classic? Or do you prefer to make a statement with an edge? No matter what your everyday style may be, you have two choices before you: either incorporate it into your wedding look or go rogue and do something completely unexpected.

Two-piece wedding gown hanging against a sunny window.

Anomalie bride, Courtney, went the edgy way with a two-piece dress. Photo: Asia Dore Photography

Your Wedding Theme

If you’re planning your wedding around a theme—think rustic or sophisticated—consider whether you want to craft your look according to it. A glam gown is perfect for an elegant wedding in a mansion. Feeling inspired by a movie, a book or a blend of different concepts? Go all out with a coordinating dress. 

A Gatsby-inspired wedding: retro-looking guests looking at the bride in her glam gown, while her dapper groom kneels on one knee and grabs her hand.

This Gatsby-inspired wedding set the tone for Dorothy’s glam Anomalie dress! Photo: Sarah Block Photography

The Wedding Venue

Location, location, location—a matter that concerns not only real estate agents but also brides in the making. Do you want your dress to contrast or to complement the venue of your wedding? A simple, elegant dress is a nice splash of minimalism against the backdrop of a romantic garden. If you prefer to blend in with your outdoorsy, free-spirited venue, go boho in a whimsical number.

anomalie online wedding dress review, custom, rustic boho wedding dress

Caitlin designed a long-sleeved lace dress to match her rustic wedding vibe. Photo: Black Mountain Photo + Cinema

The Season

Seasonal relevance is key when designing your dress and selecting accessories. Think of the weather as an invisible guest you have to accommodate to—especially if you’re having an outdoor ceremony and/or reception. Having a Winter Wonderland wedding? Consider a cape or a long-sleeved dress. Saying “I do” in the summer sun? Slip into an easy-breezy, ethereal gown.


Sari chose a heavier fabric, duchess satin, for her A-line wedding gown and a short capelet to cover her shoulders for her winter wedding in Banff. Photo: Chinook Photography


When You’re Ready to Try on Dresses

Once you have a clear idea of what to look for, you’ll be ready to try on some gorgeous gowns. Consider the following factors to pull the whole look together:

The Right Fit

Every body is different and there’s a perfect dress silhouette for each figureThink fit and flare, A-line, ball gown—you name it. Look for a style that you feel confident and beautiful in, while matching the overall aesthetic you are going for.


Bride taking a selfie with the groomsmen.

Anomalie Bride, Christine, designed a lovely fit-and-flare short dress. Photo: Ein Photography and

One Look or Two

Want to change up your look after saying “I do”? Anomalie can provide you with a two-in-one solution for your big day. Effortlessly glide from the ceremony to the reception without the fuss of changing your dress or putting a strain on your budget. How? Add an overskirt and cape that you can easily take off after the ceremony. But if you prefer, we can design two different dresses for you, too!

Sketch of an Anomalie convertible dress: a lace over-the-knee skirt that is layered with a longer overskirt.

Anomalie bride, Stephanie, designed a dress with an overskirt to wear at the ceremony. Once removed, a flirty over-the-knee skirt was revealed.

Custom online wedding dress with matching overskirt

Photo: Cupcake Photography


Perhaps you’ve been inspired by a movie bride, or you’re drawing ideas from your all-time favorite character. Whatever the case may be, Anomalie can help you make your dress dreams a reality! 

Anomalie online custom wedding dress inspired by Zelda

Anomalie bride, Lori, used Zelda as inspiration to design her gown. Photo: Michael Atkins

Consider Your Accessories

Add distinctive accessories like a lace-trimmed veil, a timeless bolero or an elegant cape. With Anomalie, you can also semi-customize your veil to match your desired length, tier and style.

online wedding dress guide, blush wedding gown with matching custom cape

Real Anomalie bride designed her custom wedding dress online with a matching blush cape. Photo: Terri Baskin

We’re Here to Help

Think of us as your go-to resource—we’re here to answer all your burning wedding gown questions no matter the brand you walk down the aisle in! We do encourage you to schedule a consultation call with us as soon as possible, especially if you are considering designing your dress with Anomalie—this way, you’ll get a good overview of the process and the timeline. We suggest starting the design process 9-12 months out from your wedding, with a hard order deadline at seven months.

Pro-Stylist Tip: Schedule an intro call to talk to a Stylist! You’ll get access to a lookbook that you can fill with inspirational photos, along with comments to help organize your preferences and communicate with your Stylist.

—Featured image by Sarah Block Photography (right) and Cupcake Photography (left)—

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