We are in the thick of “Wedding Season” at the moment, with hundreds of brides walking down the aisle this summer in their Anomalie custom wedding dresses. Despite how much we love the heat coming off these bombshell brides, our focus is shifting to cooler temperatures as the Anomalie team works with brides with weddings six months out or more to design their fairytale winter wedding gowns.

To help cool you off in the summer heat, we’re revisiting the details of Jaimie’s winter wedding in Minneapolis, Minnesota, including the inspiration for her custom dress.

Did you always want a winter wedding? What drew you to the season?

My husband and I are actually high school sweethearts, and we started dating November 2, (he asked me out before our first hour class). So, we have always celebrated our November 2 date. (We even got engaged on our 5 year anniversary in Times Square!) All of our family is from Minnesota, so a November wedding in Minnesoate was an inevitable winter wedding! I was somewhat tempted to change to a summer wedding, but the more deep/rich fall & winter colors I saw incorporated in weddings, the more I was drawn to having a (freezing) winter wedding.  Besides the vibrant colors, I was crossing my fingers for some beautiful snow (which we got!). We also “competed” with less weddings (#weddingseason) and had a fantastic turnout, with no sweaty-sticky-warm guests! 


Tell us a bit about your overall winter wedding vision!

Dreamy & romantic! We used rich colors, and a loft space with wooden beams & had 2 full walls of windows. We had huge snowflakes start to fall about an hour before our wedding at sunset, and it was the perfect winter feel. A perfect mix of romantic & cozy. 

cozy winter wedding

How did you find Anomalie and decide to go that route for your wedding dress?

I read about Anomalie as an HBS start-up, and immediately knew it was the best option for me. To me- it was about the customization. (Yes, the price, quality & sizing is fantastic but the customization!)  There are so many dresses out there, and I found myself liking bits & pieces but never the whole dress. Being able to have a stylist to help me define my vision and helping me make a dress that will look good on me was something spectacular.  I, like many Anomalie brides, am not standard wedding-size, but working with Anomalie it was never a “plus size” experience, it was just a wedding dress experience.  

Winter Wedding Dress ispirations

Jaimie’s inspirations photos she uploaded to her dashboard to discuss with her stylist on her design consultation.

What were your wedding dress dreams?

Truthfully, I had no clue! Many women have the exact vision, I had about 50! It was extremely hard to picture what I wanted when there was not a model in a dress that had even a similar body type. My “dress dreams” –  I wanted something memorable and unique, but not over the top. Once I started putting my ideas together- seeing the first sketch from Anomalie helped me so much! I added a bit more drama with my cowl back & unique lacing to mimic a sweetheart neck-line while still having a boatneck front neckline.

Winter wedding Dress p

Photo: Lori Dozier Photography

What was your favorite part of the design process with Anomalie?

Working with everyone at Anomalie- everyone was so exciting to talk to and walked me through everything I needed. Getting my dress in the mail was SO exciting!Jaimie_T_Sketch_7.12.17.jpg

How did you decide on the beautiful flutter cap sleeves? Versus long sleeves (which we see more of with winter weddings)?

I had originally wanted long lace sleeves (the look is beautiful!). However the more I talked to my stylist she explained that long sleeves can be a little harder to move in (I wanted to dance!) and it could make me look wider (I have pretty wide shoulders to begin with.) As soon as I saw what the flutter cap sleeves would look like, I was in love with the look! I felt that it was a good compromise between being modest & modern, and I felt SO confident in my dress. 

Crepe winter wedding dress

Crepe, a fabric you can really move in.

Want to create a wedding dress designed for your winter wedding vision? Schedule a call to talk to a stylist (or text us at 415.870.7977 and be sure to keep an eye on that wedding date! Anomalie works with brides that have a wedding date set for 6 months out or more.


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All wedding photos by Lori Dozier Photography.

Calling all Winter Brides!

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