Anomalie bride Kamaria and her wife, Amanda, said their “I do’s” in a beautiful, intimate California ceremony that was inspired by a Quaker tradition but made to be all their own. And it was that unconventional, nontraditional perspective that framed their engagement, wedding, and, Kamaria’s stunning silk crepe custom Anomalie gown with flowing butterfly sleeves. From how Kamaria designed her gown with Anomalie to champagne towers, Kamaria shares her inspiring details on how her special day came together.

Anomalie bride in custom silk crepe gown with v neck and butterfly sleeves

Photo: Rachelle Derouin

Tell us how you and your spouse met and the storyline for your engagement.

I met Amanda in September 2014 on OkCupid. On our first date, we got burritos in the Mission, sat in Dolores Park, and talked for hours. Amanda had just moved to the Bay Area from Southern California and wasn’t looking for a relationship, but we became inseparable. After talking for some time about our future and when we would like to get married, we decided that a proposal didn’t feel right for us. We planned our engagement together, and in October 2017, we exchanged rings and our hopes for the future in Big Sur. It felt really powerful to make the decision together to get married, and it set the tone for planning our wedding.

What part of the vision came first—your wedding theme or your wedding dress?

I had an abstract theme in mind for our wedding before anything else. I knew exactly the feeling I wanted the day to evoke, and, from there, I looked for all the components.

Anomalie bride in Big Sur wedding wearing v neck silk crepe custom gown

Photo: Rachelle Derouin

Why did you decide to get a custom gown, and how did Anomalie come into the picture?

I had a clear budget for what I wanted and could afford to spend on my dress, and I knew that the type of wedding dress I wanted I couldn’t buy from a boutique. I was considering untraditional, ready-to-wear dresses when my mother-in-law told me about Anomalie. I scheduled my intro call that day, and after talking with Calley, I decided to move forward. It felt like the perfect solution.

What was the most valuable tool when it came to bringing your idea to life?

Trying on dresses beforehand was imperative to know how I wanted my dress to look and fit. It gave me a great framework for what I did and didn’t like. 

Big Sur wedding with Anomalie bride in custom wedding dress

Photo: Rachelle Derouin

What did you love the most about your gown and the dress creation process?

I was really inspired by the beauty and simplicity of silk crepe and how supple and buttery it is. I love how elegantly the material drapes and the slight sheen when it catches the light. I had tried on a dress during one of my boutique visits that had a beautiful butterfly sleeve that I fell in love with. From there, all of the other components of the dress followed.

Now for the most important part, your wedding! How did everything turn out on your wedding day? What was the most unexpected, but incredible moment of your day?

Our wedding day was more incredible than we could have imagined. We had so much fun setting up the tables and site in the morning with our families. My wife and I decided to get ready together with our friends, and it was one of the best decisions we made.

Our ceremony was smaller with just 40 members of our close friends and immediate families. We wanted to have a self uniting marriage and decided not to have an officiant (inspired by the Quaker tradition). As a part of the ceremony, we had a ring warming where everyone present had the opportunity to hold our rings and share with us a thought, a wish, or a silent moment before we exchanged vows. Involving our community in this way was so powerful and now one of the sweetest memories of the day.

Champagne tower at Big Sur wedding

Photo: Rachelle Derouin

Your wedding pics are beyond romantic. We’re sure your unique customizations didn’t stop with your wedding dress. What other elements did you include in your big day to make it more unique and personal to you and your spouse?

As a queer, same-sex couple, there were a lot of elements in traditional weddings that didn’t fit or feel right for us. That was really liberating to realize, and it gave us the freedom to consider each tradition and to decide what we wanted to keep and what we wanted to do differently. So it’s no surprise our wedding was far from traditional.

Something I loved about our day was the time we had preparing the space and getting ready together. We got married at my best friend’s family home in Sebastopol, so we had the whole weekend to enjoy celebrating without time constraints. And I loved our small ceremony followed by a reception with our greater community (112 people total).

Another highlight for me was the champagne tower we had for our toast during dinner. My uncle spontaneously played “The Night They Invented Champagne” from the movie Gigi while we poured the tower. I loved going around and serving all of our guests champagne before we made our first toast as a married couple.

Stylist Tip: Kamaria had the right idea–she tried on a variety of gowns at wedding dress boutiques before designing her own dream dress with Anomalie. By trying on dresses, you’ll find out just what you like and don’t like. Be sure to write down all of the details you love and tell your Anomalie stylist. Let’s create a unique gown that fits you perfectly!
Getting ready for Big Sur wedding in custom Anomalie wedding dress

Photo: Rachelle Derouin

Custom silk crepe wedding dress from Anomalie

Photo: Rachelle Derouin

V neck back on silk crepe custom wedding gown

Photo: Rachelle Derouin

Getting ready for Big Sur wedding in custom Anomalie wedding dress

Photo: Rachelle Derouin

Big Sur wedding with bride wearing custom silk crepe wedding dress

Photo: Rachelle Derouin

Photographer: Rachelle Derouin
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