What does the normal timeline look like?

You will typically receive your dress 7-8 months after placing your order for your custom gown. We allow one month to confirm fabrics, design details and measurements, and 4-6 months to produce the gown. This timeline is subject to change based on the complexity of the gown (i.e. hand beading or custom embroidery) and how quickly you confirm required details throughout the process. If your date is 8+ months away: You have access to all design options, including full lace appliqué and beading. This handwork extends your production timeline, so be sure to place your order soon. If your date is 6-8 months away: Your wedding is coming up soon! You will have fewer custom options available for your final design. Please pay your deposit today to secure delivery and access to as many options as possible. If your date is less than 6 months away: It’s a tight timeline for a custom dress, but we may be able to accommodate you. Reach out to us at stylist@dressanomalie.com to see if we can help- you will not be able to pay a deposit online.

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