Both trains and lace are timeless, traditional elements of some of the most beautiful wedding dresses in history. And when you design a custom wedding dress with Anomalie you can have both…together! Lace cutouts on trains put a unique twist on your custom dress that is both romantic and stylish. Here’s how to make your guests do a double take as you walk down the aisle in your Anomalie wedding dress:

lace cutouts sarah.jpg

Train terms

There are several types of trains to choose from when creating your dream gown, and the drama increases the longer your train is!

Watteau: The shortest of trains, it attaches at your shoulders and hits at the hem of the dress.
Sweep: Just as it sounds, this train brushes just behind the bottom of your dress.
Court: A short train that extends only one foot.
Chapel: A traditional train length that extends somewhere between three-and-a-half to four-and-a-half feet from the waist.
Semi-cathedral: Now we’re adding more drama! This train falls between four-and-a-half to five-and-a-half feet from the waist.
Cathedral: Feel like a princess with this train that trails six-and-a-half to seven-and-a-half feet from the waist.
Monarch: Think Princess Diana when adding a train of 12 feet or more to your wedding dress.


Adding the lace cutouts

When you design a gown with Anomalie, you’ll work with your stylist to pick the perfect lace to compliment your style and the length of your train. From geometric patterns to intricate florals, Anomalie stocks several options to pick from so that your dress is a show-stopper. There are two ways to really highlight cutouts on a wedding dress train.

Gold lace accentuates the train on this custom wedding gown from Anomalie

Shape: Opt for large scalloped trim for astonishing definition. You and your designer will also work out specific details of the cutout, including the size, sharpness and shape of the cutout on your train, creating the perfect dress for your big day.

Color: We can create a custom gown that has gold-colored or ivory lace that contrasts against a white wedding dress, or pick a gown in one of several color options from blush to baby blue and pair it with a shimmering white lace.


anomalie lace cutouts train
Stylist Tip: When it comes time to hit the dance floor, bustle your train. From French to wristlet style-bustles, your seamstress can help you customize your one-of-a-kind Anomalie dress post-production to highlight the lace cutouts. Let us help you design a dress that takes you from the ceremony to the after-party!

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