Maybe you recently woke yourself up screaming “Send out the invitations by Friday!” mid-sleep, or maybe your head is just wrapped up in a whirlwind of color schemes by now. Whatever the case may be, please don’t hate us for reminding you that you also have to thank your crew for their contribution to your big day. But fear not! We’re bringing a handful of creative ideas to help tick that item off your to-do list in no time. 


One of a kind gifts…

For the vintage-obsessed ladies (who isn’t these days?), get this adorable tiered cake stand to whip out whenever they’re entertaining guests à la Betty Draper—plus, it’s also a quaint piece of kitchen decor to remind them of your day.

Surely, your groomsmen enjoy the finer things in life, too! Gift them hand-crafted, custom-made goods such as a wallet, coasters or even a belt. Trust us: they will love getting something simple and practical.


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For your creative friends, consider an Instagram-friendly book, from Artifact Uprising, to showcase all their MOMA-worthy pics. This gives them the opportunity to keep their art (and memories) in a secure location that is both private and independent from social media.


Photo: Artifact Uprising

Options for everyone…

We can’t overstate the ease of bulk-ordering online. If you and your fiancé have a large wedding party, you won’t want to miss these trendy glasses for both men and women—which will come in especially handy if you’re having a daytime wedding. High quality + stylish + no-fuss shopping? We call that a win-win.

Sunglasses in different shapes and colors, by Warby Parker.

Sunnies for everyone! Photo: Warby Parker

Another fun way of showing gratitude to a large crew? Subscription boxes and gift sets are reliable crowd-pleasers. For you, this means less time shopping and more chances of getting your wedding party something they’ll love!

Gift your guys a post-party recovery treat with this “Joyful Morning” gift set. The traditional (and reusable) box is filled with vital goods such as coffee, pancake mix, gourmet maple syrup and dried fruit, plus a wooden cutting board!

For your bride tribe, look into these curated boxes by PopSugar—each box is unique and filled with a plethora of items. From beauty to fashion, home decor, sweets and practical office items, there is virtually no woman this box can’t please—that includes your style-guru bestie, your homebody cousin and your workaholic BFF.

popular bridal party gifts popsugar must have box

Get the “Must Have Box” from Popsugar for all the important ladies in your life.

Did you find something you love on this list? Tell us (or any other ideas you might have) in the comments below!

—Cover photo by Warby Parker—

And speaking of gifts + wedding planning…