Wedding planning requires so much, well… planning! We don’t need to tell you that, but if you’re having a destination wedding, you want to treat your dress as a separate piece of luggage (or more specifically, a carry-on). We know you’re busy enough with location logistics, so our Anomalie Stylists have put together a few tips to help protect your gown during the trip.

Read on to get the safety spiel on traveling with your dress!

Wrap Your Dress

While not necessary, wrapping your dress with tissue paper can give you extra assurance that your beading & embellishments stay safe in transit. Be sure to get uncolored, acid-free tissue paper for this specific purpose.


Carry Your Dress with Care

It’s your precious cargo, so handle it delicately! Hold the hanger with your dominant hand and drape the garment bag across your opposite shoulder. If the dress still falls close to the floor, lift it up and hold it across your opposite arm (you don’t want to accidentally step on it!).

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Repeat After Us: I Will Not Check My Dress

You never know with checked luggage. It could get lost, misdirected or delayed; or your dress could simply suffer if folded in a suitcase. Play it safe and take your gown with you on the aircraft cabin. It can travel in the captain’s closet (more on that below) or folded on your lap.

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Plan for Onboard Arrangements

To hang or not to hang? If your dress is crepe or beaded, don’t hang it. Instead, fold it and lay it flat on your lap during the flight. If this poses an issue, cautiously place your folded dress in the overhead bin, over any other carry-on luggage. Otherwise, call your airline ahead of time and ask them to save space for your dress in the captain’s closet.


Hang (Or Fold) Your Dress Properly

Be sure to use the special hanging loops located inside the dress and never hang it by the actual shoulders or straps (you want to prevent any stretching or sagging). If folding your dress, gently fold it in half or in thirds—but don’t press on the folds. Make sure to hang it up once you get to your destination!


Think Ahead to Your Venue

Check with your venue to confirm they have a steamer on site that you can use for day-of touch-ups. If not, purchase a hand-held steamer ahead of time and bring it with you to the venue. Also note, while most wedding dress fabrics are OK to steam, check with your Stylist for confirmation!

Pro-Stylist Tip: Be sure to mention to your Stylist that you plan on traveling with your custom dress so that she can give you any other personalized tips. With this guide, traveling with your wedding gown should be a piece of cake!

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