Let’s talk about at-home custom measurements! You’ve finalized your design and selected all your dress details. It’s time to go back to that fabric box, pull out the Anomalie tape measurer and grab your fiancé or friend!

Taking your own measurements is something current brides and brides that are considering Anomalie tend to be most nervous about. It may seem a bit daunting that you will be taking your measurements for your wedding dress (!!!!), but you’ve got this! The whole process is actually pretty simple. Let’s do this!

Let’s talk about at-home custom measurements!

What You Need:

Undergarments:  Wear the undergarments similar to what you plan to wear on your wedding day. This includes shapewear! If you’re not planning to wear a bra with your dress, wear an unlined or t-shirt style bra for your measurement to ensure that your measurements reflect your bust position and shape you want in your dress. 

Form-fitting Clothing: If you can, please wear light colors rather than darker ones so that the pattern maker can clearly see the shape of your body in your head to toe photos!

Soft Tape Measure: Use a soft tape measure that will conform to your body (check your Anomalie fabric swatch box!) 

Ribbons: You’ll need two ribbons with enough length to tie around your waist and upper bust – these will be used as landmarks or anchor points when you take your measurements and head to toe photos.

Camera: Get ready to take your head to toe photos!

Head to Toe Photos:

One from the front, one from the side and one from the back. All three of these photos are sent to the workroom in addition to your measurements as a reference point and to help us ensure your dress matches your proportions. Another way for us to check and confirm that everything looks correct!

You might be asking yourself why do we need these? Well, they say a picture is worth one thousand words, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to these photos. Our skilled dressmakers are able to compare your custom measurements to these images and triple-check that your measurements are accurate. Everyone’s proportions are different and we always want to make sure that your dress is made uniquely to you!

Other Tips and Tricks.

Other Tips and Tricks:

  • Put your hair up if it’s a bit longer!
  • Please round measurements to the nearest quarter inch
  • No measuring alone! Grab someone to help you take your measurements so they are as accurate as possible (and a lot more fun!)
  • Lastly, don’t stress!! We have a team of experts, our technical design team as well as our pattern makers, that review each measurement to make sure they look accurate – if something looks off, we will make sure to reach out to you for a new measurement!


You are now ready to go! In addition to your measurement guide on your dashboard, you can also check out our measurement tutorial video for additional help and guidance! As always, your stylist is also available if you have any questions or concerns.