All you need to know about Sheath Wedding Dresses. Scroll down for a lookbook of trending styles and answers to all your questions.

You’ve seen all the silhouettes – the princess-style Ball Gown, the dramatic Mermaid, the dramatic A-line. But for brides looking for a sleek and minimalist look, these popular silhouettes aren’t quite your style. Enter the sheath wedding dress, a trending wedding dress style that allows brides to embrace their natural figure and evokes a soft, lithe vibe.  

If you’re looking for a wedding dress that is both comfortable and beautiful, the flattering, free-flowing sheath wedding dress (also known as the column wedding dress) may be the right silhouette for you to dance the night away in this flattering, free-flowing dress that hugs the hips. 

Icons such as Marilyn Monroe have all sported these carefree yet glamorous bridal looks. Revealing the growing trend of sheath wedding dresses, Ariana Grande recently donned a floor-length column wedding dress with a plunging back. 

Sheath silhouettes are the perfect complement to vintage wedding dresses, long sleeve wedding dresses, or a boho look

With this in mind, here are our favorite sheath wedding dress looks from past Anomalie brides, accompanied by ways to complement the sheath silhouette with accessories and hair styles!

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1. Look sleek in a crepe sheath wedding dress!

We’re so in love with this gown’s crepe halter neckline and slimming sheath skirt. Perfect for so many locations and seasons! To show off this halter neckline, go for a neat updo and thin, drop earrings.


Anomalie Online Wedding Dresses - Customize your own dream dress with a sheath silhouette and halter neckline in sleek crepe.


2. A lacey bodice completes this sheath wedding dress

A simple crepe skirt paired with an all-lace bodice makes this gown the perfect choice if you’re looking for a classic look with a touch of detail.  For a beach wedding, complement this sheath wedding dress with a floral bracelet and pinned back hair. 


Anomalie creates online wedding dresses, included sheath dresses with v-neck bodice, delicate cap sleeves, and floral lace.



3. All over lace is just as nice!

A gorgeous, floral sheet lace gives this sheath silhouette its boho vibe. Not to mention it hugs the body in all the right places! For a more formal look, this sheath wedding dress goes well with a classic chignon hairstyle and hair pin.


Anomalie creates online wedding dresses, included sheath dresses with v-neck bodice, delicate cap sleeves, and floral lace.



4. Add delicate applique on a sheath wedding dress to amp up the romance

This gorgeous sheath has the most beautiful lace details at the neckline, and continues throughout the bodice and hips. Pick the perfect applique and make it yours! This sheath wedding dress is completed by a messy, pinned-up bun and delicate floral bouquet.


Anomalie creates online wedding dresses, included sheath dresses with v-neck bodice, delicate cap sleeves, and floral lace.






5. The best of both worlds.

This dress truly has the best of both worlds with its romantic, sheet lace bodice and sleek, crepe skirt. Complete the look with oval drop earrings and pinned back hair!


Anomalie creates online wedding dresses, included sheath dresses with v-neck bodice, delicate mid sleeves sleeves, and floral lace.

6. Sweet in sheet lace.

This sheath silhouette is the perfect way to show off a gorgeous sheet lace with a scalloped hemline and illusion details on top! We love how this bride paired a simple necklace to complement her sheath wedding dress.


Anomalie creates online wedding dresses, included sheath dresses with v-neck bodice, delicate cap sleeves, and floral lace.

7. Top if off with a plunging V!

The gorgeous scalloped V-neckline on this gown sits a little lower, adding the perfect compliment to its sheath wedding dress’s skirt.


Anomalie creates online wedding dresses, included sheath dresses with v-neck bodice, crepe skirt, and floral applique.

8. Scalloped and off-the-shoulder.

We are so in love with the off-the-shoulder neckline this dress pairs with its sheath skirt – and don’t forget the scalloped trim, so gorgeous! This bride paired a simple pendant to accent her off-the-shoulder sheath wedding dress. 



Anomalie creates online wedding dresses, included sheath dresses with off the shoulder bodice and floral sheet lace.

9. A classic look for the modern bride.

This crepe sheath and V-neck lace bodice are the perfect pair if you’re looking for a clean look that will never go out of style.


Anomalie creates online wedding dresses, included sheath dresses with v-neck bodice, crepe skirt, and floral applique.

10. Boho and beautiful.

The bold sheet lace on this sheath silhouette is perfect for a no-fuss look with tons of style. We love this boho bride’s summer, casual look with a flower crown for a pop of color!


Anomalie creates online wedding dresses with unlined bodice and floral applique.

What is the sheath silhouette?

The Sheath silhouette holds a narrow shape that flows straight down from the hips and follows your body’s natural shape. Sheath gowns are typically long and slinky. They work well on the slender, feminine figure. 

Typically crafted with crepe fabric, a rich and luxurious fabric that comes in both a matte or shiny finish, that gives that liquid, slinky, effect and drape. Traditionally, the sheath wedding dress is floor-length, skimming the floor

Anomalie bride Colette designed this style for her wedding gown: 


 What types of weddings work best with sheath wedding dresses? 

The sheath wedding dress style can be worn at any type of wedding event. This simple wedding dress works particularly well with summer weddings due to the breathability and light-weight fabric often used for sheath wedding dresses. On the beach, brides can wear simple sandals or go barefoot with the sheath silhouette. 

From boho to romantic to modern, sheath wedding dresses are perfect for a variety of bridal aesthetics and themes. While sheath wedding dresses are traditionally more common in rustic or bohemian weddings due to the relaxed nature of the sheath silhouette, a sheath wedding dress can easily be customized for a formal, vintage, or more modern wedding theme. With crystal beading and accents (maybe even feathers!), a bride can look stunning in a sheath wedding dress for a modern wedding. 

We’ve also seen an increasing number or brides ordering sheath silhouettes for their colored fabric wedding dresses (black being the most popular).

For a vintage wedding theme, brides can evoke a style from the Roaring 20’s with slip-style sheath dresses. 

As for a formal and more ornate wedding ceremony, brides should design a sheath wedding dress with more elaborate beading and lace, especially along the bodice of the gown.  

What fabrics and laces should I use to design a sheath wedding dress with Anomalie? 

Crepe, silk, or tulle fabrics are often used to design sheath wedding dresses. For brides who want a more romantic feel, stylists can overlay lace appliques for a more bridal look. Lace also allows a bride more coverage with this form-fitting silhouette. 

On the other hand, a satin sheath wedding dress will not only accentuate every curve but also provide a gorgeous sheen. For brides looking to show off their figures, satin for a sheath wedding dress may be the perfect choice. However, beware of the fact that silk satin fabrics easily wrinkle and require more maintenance and care. 

Though many brides choose lace or satin sheath wedding dresses, you can also opt for a chiffon sheath wedding dress. This material allows for both the flaunting of curves and flexibility with coverage. 

If you’re looking for a different fabric with the sheath wedding dress style, an Anomalie stylist can help bring to life your dream vision. Schedule a free consultation (and receive a free sketch and fabric samples) here. Or check out our fabric and lace selections. 

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How do I accessorize a sheath wedding dress? 

This smooth, form-fitting silhouette shines with its simplicity and elegance. Wearing an updo creates length and allows the full detailing of the sheath wedding dress to be on display. Drop earrings and minimal jewelry pair well with a sheath wedding dress silhouette and veil. 

For a more dress-downed, beach wedding, brides can wear sandals as opposed to heels with their sheath wedding dresses. 

What do I wear under a sheath wedding dress? 

Due to the form-fitting and sometimes thin material of the sheath wedding dress, brides should wear seamless underwear. Sheath wedding dresses do not allow much coverage and are not forgiving about lines that may show from beneath the wedding dress. Full shapewear may be an option to allow for a line-free look and smoothing. Honeylove provides compression and sleek fit without underwires and lining. 

What body types are sheath silhouettes best for? 

The sheath wedding dress silhouette is great for lean body types, hourglass, and petite figures. While petite brides may love the sheath silhouette, they may also be interested in our blog post about all the types of wedding dresses for petite figures. 

However, all brides should wear the silhouette they feel the most confident and beautiful in, and any bride can rock the sheath wedding dress silhouette. Anomalie specializes in creating dresses designed to your style and body type – from petite to plus size.

Check out our Wedding Dress Silhouette Guide for more information on which silhouettes work for which body types.

What brides should potentially avoid sheath silhouettes? 

Because of the nature of this silhouette and the fabric from which these sheath wedding dresses are created, the sheath silhouette can draw the eye to the hip and waist areas, giving the impression of a thicker waist. This effect may occur, specifically with charmeuse fabrics.

If you decide that sheath wedding dresses may not be the one for you, you may be interested in other silhouettes, such as short wedding dresses! Wedding dresses above the knee give the illusion of height.

Where are the best places to buy a sheath wedding dress? 

From Martina Liana, Sottero and Midgley, Rebecca Ingram, and Stella York, there are plenty of wedding dress designers who offer a selection of sheath wedding dresses. While these designers provide dresses for many, brides must go to specific bridal stores and pay thousands of dollars. Out of a limited inventory, this is even more limited inventory for dresses around $2,000. With added alterations and customizations, these wedding dresses can be even more expensive. 

For brides with a lower budget of below $1,000, David’s Bridal or Casablanca may offer discounted sheath style wedding dresses – David’s Bridal carries a large selection of discounted gowns. BHLDN, one of the few chain stores in the bridal market, bridges the prices between David’s Bridal and the boutiques by having sheath wedding dresses between $800 and $2,000. 

Anomalie’s online model offers several advantages to these brick-and-mortar options: 

  • Direct relationships with workshops and lack of overhead results in lower prices.
  • Almost unending selection. 
  • Data from thousands of measurement sets to create proprietary measurement processes that ensure a better fit than boutiques for any body size. 
  • Online tools allow brides to browse and customize at any time, with an expert stylist team available to help whenever needed. 

How much is a customized sheath wedding dress with Anomalie? 

For her special day, a bride should make no concessions and settle for anything less than her dream wedding dress. If opting for one of the discounted bridal options above does not fit your budget and cannot find the perfect wedding dress in the limited inventory at these off-the-rack locations, Anomalie may be the best fit for you. 

By cutting out the designer markup that large bridal boutiques such as Kleinfeld have, Anomalie is able to sell directly to brides, helping brides design custom dresses with the same materials and workshops, which usually are used for wedding dresses that are upwards of $6,000. 

As such, Anomalie wedding dresses start at $1,399 and may go upwards of $3,000, depending on the complexity of the gown, as well as materials such as beading, fabric, and lace. However, most Anomalie dresses are under $2,000. Anomalie brides are able to design a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime dress without the expense of boutique fees. 


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How does Anomalie ensure perfect fit for brides ordering custom dresses online? 

Whether a bride is petite, tall, or struggles with finding the right fit, ordering a custom wedding dress online with Anomalie can help alleviate concerns about fit. Anomalie makes sizing all-inclusive through the standard sizing process or the made-to-measure process. Through the made-to-measure process, brides can design a sheath wedding dress that is cut exactly to a bride’s measurements, outside of the standard 50 sizes available.  Along with fitting shells and a team at Anomalie, the company has helped thousands of brides discover the best fit for their wedding dresses. 

Trusting an online wedding dress retailer? 

As the highest reviewed national wedding dress retailer, Anomalie has won numerous accolades regarding their work with brides and custom wedding dresses. If you’re curious about personal experiences with Anomalie, you can find reviews on WeddingWire and Reddit, as well as features on Vogue and The New York Times. Every bride has a unique bridal experience and distinct needs. While some brides may find their perfect wedding dress just from trying on their first dress, other brides may have an image for what they want or need additional help in their bridal journey. If you’re still searching for your dress soulmate, Anomalie wants to be the right fit for you and your dress needs. 

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