We sat down for a chat with with Anomalie bride Caitilin, whose next level custom gown elements caught our eye! Perfect pockets, an unexpected floral lining and a preppy monogrammed veil made her custom wedding dress truly one-of-a-kind!

Here’s how her dress went from inspiration to “I do” with ease.

Explain your vision and inspiration for the more custom elements of your gown. 

Finding a dress was so hard for me – obviously many I had tried on were beautiful, but for one reason or another, they felt incomplete. I wanted a dress that photographed well from far away and up close, had structure, but also elegant detail.

Ever since the first time I ever wore a dress that had pockets, I was convinced that no dress should ever be without them. So OF COURSE they were a necessity. I’m pretty sure my initial emails said “I need pockets for snacks. And not small pockets – legit, big pockets.” Anomalie delivered!

As much as I wanted a classic and elegant gown, I didn’t want it to feel too “stuffy.” Cue the idea for a fun lining! It was probably my favorite part of my dress and really felt like ‘me’.

Custom wedding dress with floral lining from Anomalie.

Photography: Dana Cubbage Weddings

I’ve always loved the idea of a monogrammed veil – they struck me as so elegant and southern, which was an essential overlying theme of our wedding.

Custom monogrammed wedding veil from Anomalie.

Photography: Dana Cubbage Weddings


How was your experience working with Anomalie? 

I had seen several ads for Anomalie on Facebook but they were still very new at the time. Naturally it’s terrifying placing your trust in people you have never met across the country and halfway around the world to make this key part of your big day, but I can say with absolute certainty it was one of the best decisions I made throughout the entire planning process.

The transparency was incredible, almost too good to be true (BUT IT’S TRUE! IT’S ALL TRUE LADIES!)

Custom lace back wedding dress from Anomalie in sparkler exit.

Photography: Dana Cubbage Weddings

I loved receiving my fabric samples and seeing the design sketch, then literally seeing my dream dress be MADE INTO EXISTENCE. Amazing much!?

Jaclyn was my go to girl through the entire process. Any concerns or questions were answered immediately. Making my veil went through just as much customization as my dress – from picking the font, placing, size, and lace.

When I got my dress it fit PERFECTLY. I didn’t need a single alteration, just bustling at my local tailor. Not a single worry or stress for this dress!

What were some of the compliments or reactions to your custom wedding dress? 

The compliments on my dress were overwhelming all day and night! But my favorite reaction was my husband’s at our first look – he was speechless! He said I looked so beautiful, but was even more so because he felt like the whole ensemble was such a true reflection of myself. I truly have never felt more beautiful and comfortable.

My mom cried when she saw my veil, and the monogram stunned everyone as well – many said it was the perfect compliment to my dress, and it was. My husband loved that I had incorporated our couples monogram; it was a sweet touch to our ceremony.

Be honest: did you actually keep anything in your pockets?FB_IMG_1524882004648

They came in SO handy! I kept everything from my phone to my vow book and wedding hanky, and of course some liquid courage in the form of Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey. Praises for pockets!

Tell us about your custom engagement ring.

Oh my heart and soul ring! Heidi Gibson is the magical wizard of a ring designer that made this amazing piece. She is based in California and was also a custom, sight unseen purchase. All of her pieces are incredible – This designer is what vintage dreams are made of! I stumbled across her Instagram page by accident and was so glad I did.

Custom Heidi Gibson vintage replica engagement ring.

One of the things I instantly loved about her work was how personalized you could make any design, and that the wedding bands sit flush against the shank. I fell in love with her Lindy design. Ultimately Joe chose the Lindy design with a 1.5 carat oval center in Rose Gold. I love this symbol of our love and never, ever get tired of looking at it!

All photos by Dana Cubbage Weddings


Stylist pro tip: Don’t be afraid to go big and bold! We’ll make sure your custom elements fit in with the design you love and help guide you through any that may not work. P.S. Pockets are almost always a good idea! Feeling inspired? Check out the Anomalie gallery or schedule a call to talk to an Anomalie Stylist here.

Caitling and Joseph’s incredible wedding vendor team:


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