Many of you have been dreaming about your wedding dress for a while, and we can guess not many of you imagined that the magical moment would involve an online process. In fact, the number one question we get from brides is “How do I know what I’m getting if I am purchasing my wedding dress online.” 

In finding your dress, we believe brides want certainty, a personalized experience, price transparency, and body-inclusivity. And in all of these areas, Anomalie provides a significantly better experience than the boutiques. Our company was founded by a bride who wanted all of these things, and when she couldn’t find the dress or experience she wanted – she created Anomalie. 

Personalized Dress, Personalized Experience

The Anomalie process combines the expertise of having worked with 1.5 million brides with the personal touch of couture. Anomalie puts a “designer at your fingertips” with online tools that help you create a sketch of your dream dress, and see dresses we’ve made using similar elements. At any time, you can schedule a call with your stylist to help visualize your dress further, refine details, and get expert advice on how to tailor the dress to your body. Want a plunging neckline? Done. Want an illusion back? Done. Want sparkles on sparkles on sparkles? Done. Want pockets? Done. Our revolutionary online tools and stylist team ensure that the dress you unbox is the exact dream dress you have envisioned.

Price Transparency

As I’m sure you have started to see – wedding dresses are one of the highest marked-up garments in retail. The unfortunate truth is that for years wedding retailers have used the emotional and one-time nature of the purchase to charge astronomical prices. The idea for Anomalie came when our founder, a supply chain engineer, visited the supplier of a leading boutique brand and saw dresses that would retail for $5,000 being made for far less. She made her dress direct with this factory and started Anomalie with the mission to bring the same personalized service, predictability, and transparent pricing that she received. Anomalie’s online approach without physical stores means that you are getting a dress made at the same workshops with the same materials as dresses that sell at boutiques for 3-5x more.

A Dress that Fits YOU

Beyond price, we know fit matters to you. Our first customers were our friends who felt left out of the boutique shopping experience because their bodies didn’t fit into the standard “sample size.” We were shocked at how many brides felt this way and said “never again.” We create a custom pattern to each bride’s exact measurements EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. This results in a closer fit and a personalized experience for everybody and every BODY.

Our revolutionary measurement process has also proven to result in significantly fewer alterations for Anomalie dresses than boutique dresses. In fact, many of our Anomalie dresses have required ZERO alterations. We are so confident in fit that we offer brides our FitCommit Guarantee. We vow no bride will pay more than $299 in alterations to address fit issues. If alterations exceed this, we vow to cover the difference in cost.

But beyond fit, we hear your fears about not being able to see your dress until it is made and delivered. While we know you will love the dress you design, don’t just take it from us. Here is what real brides have said —


A Dress that Fits YOU

“I will be honest — I was a bit scared to take the plunge with Anomalie… I felt a bit funny and maybe even a bit guilty for considering a non-local company, but [my Stylist] listened to what I was looking for in my wedding dress: the color, the length, the fabric, the neckline, the fit, and all the special details that had been on my mind. She made me feel like it wasn’t only doable, but that it would be beautiful. It may not have been in my own backyard, but I definitely felt more connected to Anomalie than any of the cookie-cutter bridal shops I’d visited. It didn’t hurt that the dress came in at a price that was way lower than anything I’d tried on in stores! If you’re considering using them, I say go for it. Aside from marrying my husband and enjoying the company of my friends and family, my Anomalie dress was the highlight of my wedding day.”



A Dress that Fits YOU 1

“I was a bit nervous about going with an online company for my wedding dress… I knew I needed something different. Anomalie made the process so easy. I’m a plus size bride and they welcomed me with open arms. I’m also not the creative type, but I was able to upload different pics which showed what I like. They work with you to bring your vision to life. Once my dress was delivered, I tried it on with my bridesmaid, wedding planner, and seamstress, and it fit like a glove. Zero alterations. 3D flowers were laid exactly how I wanted it. My dress turned out gorgeous and I could not be more happier!! Thank you so much, Anomalie, for making my dress!!!



A Dress that Fits YOU 2

“I was very nervous at first to get a dress that I had never seen in person but after a lot of stalking of their instagram account, I am so happy I moved forward! They made it so easy from the very beginning. My stylist and I discussed the feel of the wedding and what I liked and disliked… We made some adjustments along the way and I got to pick every aspect from the fabric to the lace to the beading, how it closed, how long the train was, EVERYTHING… I HIGHLY recommend them!!!


Unsure of what silhouette looks good on your body? Your stylist will be able to help guide you through this! If you are looking for a more in-depth look at the silhouette we offer and how they fit on certain body types feel free to read more on our silhouette blog post. Also, check out how to get inspiration for your wedding dress from your very own closet!

You Can Still Have That “Say Yes” moment!

At Anomalie we firmly believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice ANYTHING when it comes to your wedding dress, and that includes the experience. First and foremost we want to make sure you have that special “say yes” to the dress moment! Feel free to invite your mom or maid of honor to join the zoom call with your stylist to help create your dream dress. Or throw a little shindig with your closest friends for the unboxing – and let us suggest bubbly and lots and lots of tissues.

To get inspiration from more brides and see the range of dresses we have made so far, check out our gallery or Instagram page.

  • You Can Still Have That “Say Yes” moment!
  • You Can Still Have That “Say Yes” moment! 1
  • You Can Still Have That “Say Yes” moment! 2
  • You Can Still Have That “Say Yes” moment! 3
  • You Can Still Have That “Say Yes” moment! 4
  • You Can Still Have That “Say Yes” moment! 5
  • You Can Still Have That “Say Yes” moment! 6
  • You Can Still Have That “Say Yes” moment! 7
  • You Can Still Have That “Say Yes” moment! 8

So far we have helped half-a-million brides say “yes” to the perfect dress, and we are so excited to get started on yours!

Pandemic blues? Our brides haven’t let the pandemic stop them from finding the perfect dress!

“My dress is PERFECT!! It is absolutely stunning! Thank you again for all of your help! Especially during this crazy time!” – Meredith


We know the world is upside down right now, and wedding dress shopping and wedding planning has become more and more difficult. But this didn’t stop our bride Meredith from finding her perfect wedding dress. She, like most brides, was so enthusiastic to go to stores and have that special moment with her family and friends. We know you can picture the moment she wanted — trying on dresses and looking at herself in the mirror knowing this dress was the one. But, due to bridal shops being shut down, Meredith wasn’t sure she would be able to try on and get her dress in time. 

Luckily the dress gods smiled down on her – and she saw one of our Instagram ads. Meredith instantly loved the idea of becoming her own dress designer and being able to design from the comfort of her home. She was even able to combine parts of dresses she imagined and saw online to create THE DRESS of her dreams.

And, while it wasn’t the experience she originally thought, it was just as memorable. Her family was able to join her zoom consultation with her stylist! They were able to watch Meredith’s vision come to life — so it was no surprise by the end of the call she said ‘yes’ to her custom wedding dress.

Meredith just received her dress & we can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle! While we won’t ruin the surprise of her dress by sharing pictures, take our word for it that SHE LOOKS STUNNING.

Ready to get started??

Your stylist will be there for you, guiding you through building the dress of your dreams. Your wedding dress fairy godmother has designed hundreds of dresses – and love to talk about recommendations from fit, to tailoring your dress to your venue location and season.

Our stylists are here to help you with any of your asks – no matter how crazy or insane you might think they are – we love to help! From combining the styles of a few dresses to using your photos for inspiration, they have done it all and can’t wait to start designing with you!

Ready to get started designing your dream dress? Have questions? Shoot them our way at or connect with a stylist via our Design Services.

Malori Clark, Stylist


Written by Malori Clark, Stylist