Very soon you are going to say “I Do” to your one true love. You were picky about your partner, and we know you will be just as picky about your dress! And, here at Anomalie we think it is only right that you shouldn’t settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your dress. 

But you might be wondering – who is the perfect Anomalie bride? Put simply – our brides are unable to find their perfect dress from the existing broken wedding industry. Sound like you? Do you know exactly what you want but cannot find it anywhere? Or love elements of a few dresses but can’t find it all combined in one perfect dress? Or maybe you live far away from boutiques or the ones near you have a limited selection? Then you my dear, are THE PERFECT Anomalie bride. Welcome to the family!

For the Bride Who – Knows Exactly What She Wants & Cannot Find It 

You are a bride on a mission. You have scoured the internet, Pinterest, and Instagram for the exact dress of your dreams. You have tried on dresses in stores or browsed online to no avail of THE DRESS. You haven’t been able to find it yet, but you know it has to be out there somewhere. That’s where Anomalie comes in. 

With our newly launched Design Shop, you can design the exact dress that’s in your head. Start with the design elements that are the most important to you. Select a dress that most resembles your vision and tweak it further with via the “Dress Edit” feature! Need a little more edits? Your personal stylist can help you with the finishing touches, along with helping you pick fabric, lace, and accessories.

For the Bride Who – Loves Elements from Multiple Dresses

You are a bride who sifts through countless Instagram or Pinterest wedding dress photos and love elements of many different dresses. Maybe you want the neckline of one dress, lace of another, back deep-v of a third, and beaded belt of a fourth? You might have even considered buying a couple of dresses and combining – before realizing that might be a tad too expensive (and unnecessary!). 

Instead of picking a dress which has most of the design elements you want, with custom-made Anomalie dresses it can include ALL of the design elements you want. With your personal stylist, you can share photos of the parts of each dress you like – and from this inspiration you two can create the perfect combination! 

For the Bride Who – Doesn’t Live Near A Bridal Boutique

You are so excited to have the wedding dress shopping experience. Your only problem? That the nearest bridal store is 2 hours away, in a different city. Or maybe the bridal shop near you has a very limited selection in your size or style. Have no fear – Anomalie to the rescue.

From getting inspiration online through our gallery or Instagram page, to getting matched with and designing your dress with your personal stylist, to receiving your dress on your doorstep — no longer is geography a limitation to the type of wedding dress you can have!

Are you one of these types of brides and ready to get started designing your dream dress? Connect with a stylist here

Written by Malori Clark, Stylist