Ladies, let’s face it: your gorgeous gown will undoubtedly be the main attraction on your big day. While we’re not here to argue against that, here’s a crazy thought: wouldn’t it be nice to level the playing field for your dashing groom? Vince and—Anomalie bride!—Liz thought so, and we couldn’t agree more. For their wedding day, they joined forces with their friend Mo and, and just like that, a company that creates custom-made shirts and accessories for men (including the groomsmen!) was born. 

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Men dressed in I DEUX custom-made shirts and accessories in differing floral patterns.

  1. How was the concept for I DEUX born?


Like most couples, my husband and I were looking to do something different to make our wedding day stand out. Of course, there were the obvious answers—a killer custom wedding dress with Anomalie *wink, wink*, a trendy food truck, surprise live performances by friends and late night In-N-Out burger—but not one of those elements really highlighted the groom. Enter Mo, friend and founder of 2ND IMPRESSION (the parent company of I DEUX). Together, we realized the wedding industry’s lack of attention and absence of wow factor for the groom and his groomsmen. I DEUX was founded on the idea that men wanting to make a 2ND IMPRESSION on their special day warranted an elevated level of selection and service. And so I DEUX was born with our very first wedding being my own!

I DEUX logo and floral-patterned, custom-made accessories.

Men in matching I DEUX floral-patterned shirts, accompanied by bride and bridesmaids.

  1. In a nutshell, tell us about I DEUX and the process of creating custom shirts for grooms-to-be and the groomsmen?


It all starts with getting down on one knee, proposing, deciding your wedding date and picking your crew. The rest of the process—with us creating your custom look—is easy as pie! You’ll start by selecting one of our patterns, having us help you find a print through a print consultation, or submitting one of your own. Next, you’ll decide your design preferences for base color, shirt style, placket, collar, cuffs, buttons, and optional matching accessories. Lastly, you’ll confirm your measurements by measuring a shirt you own, sending us a shirt that fits you perfectly, or measuring your body.

I DEUX floral-patterned shirt.

  1. What are your most popular patterns/styles?


That’s a tough one since our shirts are fully customizable—giving men lots of choices with no two orders being exactly the same. That being said, the Succulents and Floral Black & White prints are the best sellers of our Launch Collection. Design-wise, I DEUX grooms tend to opt for a white base with a standard front/placket and spread collar.

I DEUX details: black-based floral pattern and pocket square.

  1. Do you offer any additional customization—i.e. are men able to submit custom pattern requests?


YES! We love the opportunity to provide our grooms with a look that NO ONE else has! In fact, I DEUX started with my now husband challenging Mo with the task of creating custom shirts for all of the groomsmen to perfectly match the ties he had found. As outlined above in the process, we can help you find a one-of-a-kind print via our print consultation or you can submit your own pattern which may be a design of your own, a print pattern you have already acquired, or something from an item you have or like and want to replicate. We also offer to monogram on the chest and cuffs and the option to pick a custom base color, which are both fun ways to make the shirt uniquely yours. Lastly, our matching accessories can be reversible for a truly customizable second look!

Man in I DEUX paisley-patterned shirt.

Man in I DEUX floral-patterned shirt.

  1. Any particular wedding theme or vibe that pairs well with the I DEUX concept?


All of them? No, but seriously. Just like our shirts, no two I DEUX grooms are the same. Our shirts are the perfect surprise for a traditional black tie wedding while simultaneously pairing well with the boho vibe of a bar or vineyard wedding. They can be worn with a jacket, giving men two looks throughout the day, or without, making them stand out from the start. You can also accessorize your I DEUX shirts with matching ties, pre- or self-tied bow ties, and/or pocket squares to complete the look and complement the unique vibe. No matter the print pattern, design choices or wedding theme, our shirts were designed to make our grooms stand out and feel special on their big day.

Groom and bride. The groom is wearing an I DEUX floral-patterned shirt.

  1. How much can a groom expect to spend on outfitting himself and the men standing by him at the altar?


Our shirts start at $125 and come with unparalleled quality and service. We use a two-ply, 60-yarn-count, 100% cotton Japanese satin weave for our shirts, which makes them soft, sheen and versatile. This material is also the perfect canvas for the application of prints because it allows for colors and finer details to be captured beautifully, AND, the weight of this fabric is suitable for year-round use. We offer group discounts at 5% off for 3-5 shirts, 10% off for 6-10, and 15% off for 11+. Lastly, you get free shipping on orders over $350!

Groom and bride. The groom is wearing an I DEUX leaf-patterned shirt.

  1. Standout stories—tell us a few stories where grooms have wowed their guests with a 2ND IMPRESSION in their I DEUX attire.


We love hearing about the fun and unique ways our grooms and groomsmen have revealed their I DEUX outfits. We had one groom who worked it into the first dance surprising BOTH his wife and the guest list—super risky but, thankfully, she loved it! We also had a father of the bride reveal that he too had matched the groom and groomsmen when he stood up for his speech, wowing all in attendance. Some groomsmen have opted to reveal their looks during their introduction into dinner and, of course, the reveal of a matching ring bearer is always a crowd pleaser!

Ring-bearer wearing a floral-patterned I DEUX shirt.

You already know all about the benefits of a custom-made look—we’ve surely made sure of it! But now it’s time to turn the attention to your S.O. and have him shine alongside you on your big day. Want to say “I do” with I DEUX? Use code ANOMALIE during checkout to get 10% off your purchase!

Man wearing a palm-printed I DEUX shirt.

Pro-Stylist Tip: Follow I DEUX on Instagram to stay in the loop with their latest updates. Want to match certain details of your dress to your beau’s outfit? Talk to a Stylist today and jumpstart your custom-made gown to harmonize both looks!


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