If you’ve been dreaming of a trip to Santorini, then you’re in luck! Today we’re sharing the drop dead gorgeous wedding of Anomalie bride Kelly. Her Grecian destination wedding pictures are serious #WEDDINGGOALS. Take a pretend vacation with us and get to know the back story behind her Anomalie gown!

Greece destination wedding

Photography: Elias Kordelakos

Tell us a bit about your destination wedding week!

Most of our guests arrived on the Wednesday before the wedding. On Wednesday night, we had welcome drinks for all our guests at a great bar on the caldera. On Thursday, we had a beach day where we invited everyone to join us at some cabanas on the beach. On Friday, we chartered a private wooden boat and did a six hour boat to other islands surrounding Santorini. On Friday, we also had our rehearsal dinner, which we invited all our guests to attend!

My favorite memory from our wedding week was watching all our friends jump off the boat into the Aegean! It was just such a fun and magical moment.

Custom wedding dress sketch by Anomalie

Explain your vision and inspiration for your gown. How did your destination influence your dress decisions?

I knew I wanted a dress that had a timeless and classic look, but also felt bridal. I love lace and beading, so I also wanted to incorporate both of those elements, but still keep the dress pretty simple and soft. Basically, I wanted a dress that would stand the test of time, but also had some fun details to make it stand out.

Because we were getting married on an island in the summer, I knew I wanted something that felt and looked light, and also was a little flowy. It’s really bright in Santorini with all the white buildings and sunshine, so I wanted a dress that would hopefully capture some of that light and airy feel.

Custom Anomalie lace strapless wedding dress

Photography: Elias Kordelakos

What did you enjoy most about the process with Anomalie team? How did you rely on them for during the customization process?

It was so fun looking at different dresses and getting to select my favorite elements of each dress to add to my own dress! I definitely looked to the Anomalie team for their opinions on what elements would look good together, and how to bring together all the pieces into one dress.

The Anomalie team did a really great job of picking out a beautiful lace applique for my dress, something I would have never thought of myself, and they also came up with gorgeous beading and sequins for the applique that really set the dress apart and was totally unique. I definitely would not have been able to get each element I wanted in a dress if I did not get my custom dress with Anomalie.

Santorini destination wedding with white lace wedding gown

Photography: Elias Kordelakos

Any advice to other brides who are considering a custom dress?

My biggest piece of advice would definitely be to first try on a bunch of different dresses to find the style that you want! You need a base to start with!

I would also suggest looking to a person or two whose opinions your trust to bounce ideas off of. I had two friends who were with me every step of the way, and their opinions and advice were indispensible (thanks Em and Dana!).

How did you transport your wedding gown to Greece?

I carried the dress on the plane on rather than checking it to avoid wrinkles or potentially losing it. I knew that I would have to take two flights with my dress, so I called the first airline before we left to make sure they had a closet I could hang the dress in. When I boarded the plane, I checked in with the flight attendants and they were super helpful in getting my dress hung up. For my second flight, they didn’t have a closet for passengers since it was a small plane, but I asked if I could put it in the pilot’s closet and they were very accommodating.

All that being said, it was really hard to avoid folding the dress when walking through the airports and it did get a little wrinkled, so I would definitely suggest setting up a steaming for your dress at your destination! A little steam got out all the travel wrinkles for me!

Santorini destination wedding ceremony

Photography: Elias Kordelakos

What was your favorite or most memorable part of your wedding?

The most memorable part of our wedding was definitely our ceremony. This surprised both me and my husband, as we are generally not very emotional people and we expected it to be very quick and light-hearted. To our surprise, the ceremony ended up being very emotional for both us and all our guests.

Because our wedding was small—only 53 people—we truly felt everyone’s presence and participation in our ceremony. We are so unbelievably grateful that so many people traveled all the way to Santorini and that we got to share that moment with them!

Stylist Tip: Let your destination fuel the inspiration for your wedding gown! Set up an appointment and let us know where your destination wedding is and we can help you design a dress based on the location!

Photography: Elias Kordelakos
Videography: Nikos Dimou (I Like to Movie It)
Wedding planner: Santorini Glam Weddings
Shoes: Bella Belle
Makeup: Christine Panagopoulou
Ceremony: Rocabella Hotel
Reception: Sigalas Winery
Stationary: Minted
Hair comb: Jennifer Behr
Flowers: Betty Flowers Santorini  

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