When the bride-to-be first thought she was ACTUALLY dreaming during the proposal, you know it’s going to be a good one. Add in a trip to Bali, a breathtaking backdrop, and a mock photoshoot, and you have the makings for one unforgettable day. Read on to hear all about how Sahara Rose was surprised by the love of her life, plus be among the first to hear her vision for her wedding day look.

How did you and Steven meet?

We met on Bumble! My friend told me Bumble was a networking app, but it turned out it was a dating one. I was very hesitant to use it and didn’t even live in LA at the time. Steven was the first person I ever met up with, and the rest is history.

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Photo: Gusmank Photography

Tell us about the proposal.

I was in Bali by myself to focus on writing my next book and just spend time in nature. I begged Steven to go with me, but he kept saying how busy he was with work, so I decided to go solo. It was the last few days of the trip, and my friend texted me saying she had a friend who wanted to do a free photoshoot with me. I’m obviously a sucker for free photoshoots, so I ventured out in the rain to go meet her on top of a cliff. She suggested I wear white for an airy look, so I quickly buy a long, white lace robe from the side of the street. The rain magically stopped when I arrived (an hour late), and we started taking the photos. The photographer then asked me to take some photos on my knees. I thought it was kind of weird, but I didn’t question it (turns out, it was so I wouldn’t spin around and see who was creeping up behind me.) I’m on my knees trying to look cute and then someone squeezes me from behind and says “Shmooby” – Steven’s and my nickname for each other.

Just got engaged to the love of my life @iamsahararose !! Flew to Bali on a surprise trip and snuck up behind her at a photoshoot (that I secretly planned for her). Here’s to starting a new family and a lifetime of love, laughter, and never-ending wanderlust. Love you my fiancé (<— such a dope word!! 😬) 📸: @denizreno

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I turn around and see Steven there on his knees. I literally don’t know if I’m dreaming or awake. Here he is in his black T-shirt from LA, kneeling in front of me in the jungle of Bali. I look around to see if I’m awake or if this is a hallucination, as he starts saying, “You are everything to me. You are the most beautiful woman in the world on the inside and out. I love you unconditionally. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

Again I wasn’t sure if I was tripping or if this moment was actually happening. My first response was, “Is this real? Am I dreaming?” I touched his face to see if he was real or made of thin air. I looked at the photographer, and she’s cracking up. It finally hit me that the moment I had been waiting for for my whole life was happening. Steven asked again, laughing, “Will you marry me?” My response: “Of course!” He pulls out my ideal ring, a raw green tourmaline on a rustic gold band.

I’ve basically made Steven repeat what he’s said every day since. I couldn’t be more ecstatic to be marrying my best friend and to have gotten engaged in Bali, where I spent the most transformative few months of my life.


What’s your favorite thing about him? His favorite thing about you?

My favorite thing about Steven is his creativity and dedication to his work as a music manager. His favorite thing about me is that I’m a “shining ray of positivity.”


What style gown are you thinking fits your vibe for you big day?

Something off the shoulder, lace, boho, flowing. We want to get married on a beach, so it has to be comfortable!

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SURRENDER. • I used to think life was something you had to grab by the reins to control and maneuvuer. I felt like everyday was a race to get as much as possible done. My rest, self-care and play would hit the back-burner because I was on this quest to achieve (anyone relate?) 🔥 • But since then I’ve realized the true magic happens when you surrender When you let go of the constant need to micromanage and schedule When you can trust that there are greater forces out there propelling you in the direction of your highest self ✨ • Trust + surrender are two of the biggest lessons one must learn on this spiritual path Because it’s only when you loosen your grip on your present reality that dreams you never even thought possible can finally manifest🦄 • I’d love to know, what are you manifesting right now?✨ Comment below!💫 For me—a joyful and peaceful book launch this year, without the hustle. 🦋 Thank you for my custom crystal crown @micahsgems (a fellow tribe member!)

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All photos by Gusmank Photography.

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