We’re convinced Anomalie bride Alexandria is a true woodland fairy. After all, when she was waiting for her groom before their first look, Alexandria came face-to-face with a deer in a moment that she describes as magical. But it’s her glowing style, in her flowy custom gown adorned with vine-inspired lace, and a stunning autumnal crown, that absolutely persuades us. Read on for more about Alexandria’s ethereal, fall wedding and why she chose to design her dream wedding dress online with Anomalie.

Anomalie bride in flowy lace gown

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Spill the details! How did you and your husband meet and what was the proposal like?

My husband and I met through a mutual friend (our photographer) back in 2010 at a game night that neither of us actually wanted to go to. He was keen to flirt right away, and I thought he was weird. Seven years of friendship later, I discovered he’s my perfect kind of weird and we got together. He popped the question 11 months into our relationship, and it was a total surprise. I had planned to do an anniversary shoot with our photographer friend and my best friend, but what I didn’t know was that he and my bestie were planning a surprise proposal! We were re-staging a lot of our “firsts” with signs, like “first time we met” and “first date.” When he got down on his knee, I turn around to my bestie and saw “the day she said yes” plastered on the sign she was holding. It was perfect.

Your wedding style is sending us rustic vibes! Tell us more about the location and what inspired the wedding look.

Oh my goodness, I really tapped into my Taurean side for this one. I knew I wanted an outdoor autumn wedding because autumn is my favorite season. I wanted to be surrounded by nature’s decorations instead of fabricating my own. The venue is located on Cobb Mountain in California and belongs to my best friend’s mom. She allowed us to use the property for free and did all of the decor herself. Her husband built the pergola for us as well! As far as the theme, I really wanted to stick with redwood forest and autumn vibes. Ultimately, I wanted to feel like a woodland fairy so I kept that in mind while making all my decisions.

Button detail on the back of custom wedding gown with illusion lace

Why did you decide to create a custom gown with Anomalie?

I had gone to a few stores and tried on a few dresses, but the local shops aren’t very plus-size friendly. Coupled with the size discrepancy from one designer to the next (fitting into some size 20s, getting clipped into other size 20s, and having some stores stop at a size 18 on the rack), I was discouraged. And nothing I found really fit my ethereal woodland fairy vibe. I ran into Anomalie at the bridal expo that came to the Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa. They were sort of tucked away into a corner, had a few dress examples, and some pamphlets about what they offer. I decided to look them up and was amazed at the prospect of a fully custom dress at a fairly reasonable price, so I signed up for my intro call and never looked back.

"I had to get clipped in to a size 20 dress"

80% of women say they feel left out of the traditional boutique experience because of their body shape or size. That’s not OK. We promise that every single bride can have the wedding dress of their dreams, in their size. At Anomalie, we pride ourselves on celebrating every size bride with gorgeous, custom wedding gowns.Have a similar story? Share it below in the comments! There's a community here, ready to support you.

Posted by Anomalie on Thursday, June 28, 2018

What inspired your wedding dress design, and how did your rustic theme play into the your gown and wedding day look?

The real inspiration for my dress came from a mix of looks and feelings. I would say ethereal, glowing, soft, magical, woodland, and wood nymph or fairy were all words playing around in my head. The dress came before the wedding theme and kind of inspired the direction I took my decor. I’ve always had a deep love of rustic decor, because it feels serene and homey. I wanted to be able to be a part of the natural setting while simultaneously standing out in my dress, and I wanted to feel calm and happy.

Anomalie online wedding dress, a-line, long-sleeves, custom design

Alexandria uploaded inspiration photos of different design elements she wanted to include in her dress, including the type of lace, long sleeves, the front bodice, etc. She provided detailed comments to tell her stylist what she liked about each photo.

Anomalie wedding gown sketch of dress with lace

What was your favorite part of the dress creation process?

My favorite part was Jaclyn telling me that she could see my vision and nothing I was asking for was impossible. I remember saying if you were to stick me in a wind tunnel, I want my dress to flow freely and dramatically. I specifically wanted branch or vine lace with leaves and no flowers, and I was presented with so many options. Getting all the updates and check-ins was so much fun!

Bride in fairy-inspired wedding gown

Tell us about the actual wedding! What was your favorite unexpected moment of the day? Any sentimental surprises?

The actual wedding was a whirlwind of a day. The best, unexpected moment was when I was waiting in hiding for our first look. I had the best man near me with a video camera to catch my husband’s walk up the hill and his reaction to our first look, and as I’m standing there in silence, I hear a loud rustling of leaves behind me. I turned around and was suddenly face-to-face with a beautiful doe. I tried to whisper for the best man to turn around, but he didn’t hear me and the deer pranced away. It was magical. During the ceremony, we did a handfasting ceremony with cords that we braided ourselves and read our own written vows. He choked up and set off the whole audience into tears. Our guests surprised us during the recessional by blowing bubbles!

What was your favorite personal touch that you incorporated into your wedding/reception?

I was most proud of our memorial table. My husband and I are both missing grandparents, so we honored them beautifully with a memorial table and a candle.

Stylist Tip: Lace enhances the texture of any wedding gown and amps up the glamour, but the best part? There are so many options, from vine-inspired lace, like on Alexandria’s gown, to geometric patterns and even 3D florals. Schedule a call with an Anomalie stylist today to chat about all of the different lace options for your custom wedding dress.

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