Anomalie bride, Heather tied the knot to now hubby, Devon this past summer amongst the scenic surroundings of Invanmere, British Columbia, on her family’s ranch – affectionately called Brady Creek Ranch. Her wedding vibe was one of complete rustic elegance, incorporating rich traditions and family history into the day’s activities. When it came to describing the vision she had for her custom dress to her Anomalie Stylist, Stephanie, Heather used the location and decor to draw inspiration. Let’s take a look at the details from her wedding and how Anomalie helped to bring her dream wedding dress to life.

The LocationBritish Columbian Wedding, custom wedding dress

Devon actually proposed where we decided to have our ceremony! My family has a ranch in Invermere British Columbia, affectionately called Brady Creek Ranch. After looking around the Windermere Valley in Invermere, B.C., we talked about the possibility of having our wedding here, there’s a large barn on our property which would made it perfect for hosting our family and friends (Check it out here, they have since made the barn available for hosting weddings and other events!).  

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My family was delighted, and this kickstarted my vision. I wanted a wedding that mixed our two families traditions. Devon’s family is from Newfoundland, a beautiful maritime province where you can expect the most warm and welcoming people in all of the world. I wanted to make sure we kept incorporated that theme into our wedding.

Creating “The Dress”

The reason I decided to go with Anomalie for my wedding dress — I wanted something super unique. I didn’t want the traditional wedding dress experience. When you go to a boutique, the pressure is on to decide today, and you get a sense of not feeling good about yourself. Most of the dresses are in a sample size (4-6) and it’s likely that they won’t fit every woman.  My best friend and maid of honor was actually the person who directed me in the direction of Anomalie. I was so thrilled with the professionalism and guidance I received from my first call. The last deciding factor was the price.  I knew in order for me to get exactly what I wanted I was going to have to spend a lot of money and even if I was okay with that, I didn’t know if it was something I would find at a bridal boutique. Anomalie was able to make the dress I envisioned possible, without breaking the bank!

Dress Inspirations

Wedding dress inspiration photos, fit and flare for custom wedding dress

Wedding dress inspiration photos. Heather uploaded these to her ‘lookbook’ prior to her design consultation with her Stylist, Stephanie.

I really loved the look of a fitted bodice with a lace overlay, sweetheart neckline and mermaid style bottom with a sleeve.  This sounds easy to find but to be honest, it wasn’t’. I would see parts of these dresses online but I couldn’t ever find all the separate pieces tied into one.  I felt like my perfect dress only existed in my head. I wanted something that made me feel as special as my wedding day would be and was.

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Stephanie knew exactly what I was saying during the design consultation.  It was like she was right there beside me. 

Anomalie custom wedding dress sketch

Heathers custom wedding dress sketch. A fit and flare silhouette with off the shoulder sleeves and nude lining.

When my sketch arrived I was awestruck, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then when the fabric samples arrived I was so impressed with the quality, it was perfection.  They were presented in such a beautiful way, I was really able to get an idea of what would work best. I am still in such amazement of how the design was process was so smooth and effortless.  Anomalie custom wedding dress laceShe pulled lace that had an elegant uniqueness and color of fabric that fit so perfectly with the look of my whole experience. The entire process was delightful from start to finish.  It was like my stylist could see inside of my brain and was able to put all of my ideas together with such finesse.  

The Dress DeliveryBritish Columbian Wedding, Anomalie custom wedding dress review



When my friends and family first saw my dress they couldn’t believe it.  Both my maid of honor and my mom cried. When I did my reveal to my bridesmaids all eight of them were crying and cheering.  What was even more special was when after our ceremony almost every single person I talked to told me how my dress was absolutely exquisite, almost like it was made for me, I giggled and explained it was.

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When my husband first saw me in dress he was just as awestruck as I was the first time I saw my dress. The first thing he did was look me up and down, then without missing a beat told me how incredibly beautiful I looked.  Throughout the day he kept telling me how beautiful my dress was. Although he obviously wasn’t involved in my design process he definitely heard me talking to my friends about how excited I was.


After our wedding when we drove back to Calgary he and I were reminiscing about how special everything was at our wedding, he told me that when he saw me in my wedding dress for the first time it was like I was an angel.  I will never forget how good that made me feel.

British Columbian Wedding, Anomalie custom wedding dress review264-Willow_and_Wolf_Wedding_Photography_Heather_and_Devon_Invermere_Wedding_Ceremony_-ATP_677110-Willow_and_Wolf_Wedding_Photography_Heather_and_Devon_Invermere_Wedding_Dancing_-ATP_8068British Columbia barn wedding, rustic elegance, anomalie custom wedding dress review

The Wedding Details

317-Willow_and_Wolf_Wedding_Photography_Heather_and_Devon_Invermere_Wedding_Portraits_-BEC_5878Rustic Elegant British Columbian Wedding, Anomalie custom wedding dress reviewRustic Elegant British Columbian Wedding, Anomalie custom wedding dress review19-Willow_and_Wolf_Wedding_Photography_Heather_and_Devon_Invermere_Wedding_Reception_-ATP_5931Rustic Elegant British Columbian Wedding, Anomalie custom wedding dress reviewRustic Elegant British Columbian Wedding, Anomalie custom wedding dress review

My mom and I started to collect antique dishes and flatware from all over and used the uniqueness of heirloom decor.

134-Willow_and_Wolf_Wedding_Photography_Heather_and_Devon_Invermere_Wedding_GettingReady_-ATP_3378Bagpipe singer - Rustic Elegant British Columbian Wedding, Anomalie custom wedding dress reviewCongrats to Heather and Devon on getting married and having such a beautiful ceremony that was full of personal details. A big thank you to Heather for being such an amazing bride. Let us know what you think of Heather + Devon’s wedding in the comments below.

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Wedding photographed by Willow + Wolf.