Your custom Anomalie gown just arrived on your doorstep (Yay!), but now what? To keep your wedding dress looking pristine for your big day, we have a few tips and tricks for you. After referring to the insert included in your Anomalie box and confirming the fabric of your gown, you can check out our care instructions below.

Crepe or dresses with beading
  • Do not hang your crepe or beaded dress after it has been hemmed. Instead, lay your dress flat.
  • If your dress has beading or detail that was originally wrapped in tissue, be sure to re-wrap prior to travel.
  • Lightly steam to release wrinkles.
Tulle, Organza, Chiffon, Georgette
  • All fabrics listed above are OK to hang. Be sure to use hanger straps.
  • Lightly steam to release wrinkles.
Dupioni, Taffeta, Mikado, Faille, Duchess Satin
  • This type of dress is OK to hang. Be sure to use hanger straps.
  • Iron on medium heat without water in the reservoir, do not steam.
  • Moisture can breakdown the weave of the material and can cause additional wrinkles. This is especially true with taffeta.  
  • Veils are best stored by stringing a ribbon through the comb of the veil and attaching it to the hanger of your dress (as originally shipped from Anomalie).
  • Any excess veil length can be hung using a hanger with attached clips. Ensure veil is not directly in contact with hanger clip. Instead, nestle tissue paper between clip and veil.
  • Do not iron. Steam to release wrinkles. Best practice is to steam at least 6 inches away from the veil.
  • You can find additional, lace, buttons and beading in the organza bag on your Anomalie hanger that is sent with your dress.
  • If you need additional lace, buttons or beading, please contact the Anomalie Post Production Team:
  • Leading up to your big day, store your dress in the Anomalie cloth garment bag.
  • If your wedding is more than 6 months out, keep your gown in the Anomalie keepsake box in a cool dry room.
  • Never store your dress in a room where it will be hit with direct sunlight