What goes into a $1400 wedding dress bought online vs. a $4000 wedding dress

Leslie wanted a dress that retailed $4,000 at a boutique.

She found the exact workroom where the dress was made and contacted them directly. She worked with the factory to create her dream dress to her measurements – customizing every detail from the ballgown silhouette to the long lace sleeves.

The cost for the workshop to make Leslie’s custom dress using the same materials as the boutique? $430.

How does a dress worth $430 end up costing a bride $4000?

In traditional bridal retail…

A designer employs a workshop to create a design. After the factory sells the dress to a designer, the designer then sells it to a bridal retailer. The retailer is then forced to markup the price 2-4x to cover the overhead costs of running a store. The $4000 price tag includes both of what are known as the designer markup and the boutique markup.

How is Anomalie able to charge significantly less for the same dress?

With the Anomalie online model…

We purchase gowns directly from the workshops to send to our brides. 

Because the Anomalie online model doesn’t involve designer markups or the boutique markups, we are able to provide a top-quality custom dress at a price that many cannot match.

Cost Breakdown: Boutiques vs. Anomalie

Guangzhou, China: Anomalie dresses are made with the same high-quality laces & fabrics as designer gowns. In fact, Anomalie gowns are created within some of the same factories and workrooms.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide every bride the same experience Leslie had: a dress that matched her exact style and measurements at a transparent price. In addition to better pricing, we found the online model that was not beholden to the limited inventory and high overhead costs of a physical store.

To get started, start discovering your perfect gown today.

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