This chic couple’s black and white wedding is the ultimate in sophisticated glamour. Get ready to obsess over every curated detail from Christine + Nelson’s wedding day, from the subtle chevron patterned detachable train on her dress, to her groom’s black velvet suit, to the mansion venue to the jaw-dropping black cake!

Black and white wedding flatlay

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First things first: you MUST watch their wedding video (grab a tissue)! Then, get to know the inspiration behind Christine’s glam gown from Anomalie.

Explain your vision and inspiration for your gown.

I knew I wanted something simple, unique, stylish, and edgy. I’m not really into the ever popular lace, tulle, pink, the whole fairytale look, and most dresses I saw online and tried on were definitely in that “sweet” or “romantic” category. And everything had a train! I don’t like bustles, so I didn’t want a train, and I knew I didn’t want a veil, either. I opted for a detachable train that kind of served as both a veil and train.

Crepe dress wedding inspiration

Christine’s Anomalie Lookbook

Inspiration for my gown came from a few of the wedding dresses I tried on as well as a bunch of non-wedding dresses I’d seen online. We had already picked out a venue before I even thought about dress shopping, so that helped with my design as well. Our venue, the Kohl Mansion called for a sleeker, more glamorous look.


Photo: Red Eye Collection

What was your dress shopping process like compared to working on a custom gown with Anomalie?

People say dress shopping is the best part of wedding planning. In reality, it’s stressful, stuffy, awkward, incredibly expensive, and you end up with a dress that you know someone else also has. I knew I had nothing to lose by going custom. It was my last resort, but I really wish it was my first.

From the intro call, the process felt collaborative, relaxed, and best of all, exciting. There was a huge relief and comfort knowing the stylists and production managers are so knowledgeable in materials, skirt styles, shapes, etc. and they calmly work with you until they understand exactly what you’re describing. I know I personally had to send some really bad iPhone sketches to explain the wild gestures my stylist couldn’t see over the phone! They also can communicate via text, so it was easy to shoot over last minute thoughts or images when I was busy or on vacation and not checking emails as often.

Black and white bridal party bridesmaid dresses.

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What were some of the reactions from guests, family and your husband?

Positive vibes all around! People were shocked that I even took the risk by going the custom route. My family, girlfriends, and husband all said that my dress was very “me.” I’m glad that really came through. It was perfect.

Any advice to other brides who are considering a custom dress?

Do it! Anomalie is really a no-brainer. You get complete creative control and will end up with your exact vision. I’d encourage future brides to go in with a clear vision, whether it’s a completely unique design, a dress you saw in a magazine you want to make in wedding colors/materials, or a wedding dress you tried on that was almost perfect except for XYZ. Though all of my bridal salon appointments were awkward, I got to try on different styles and materials that ultimately helped make some of my final decisions.

Black and white wedding palette with black cake

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Tell us a bit about your wedding day! What was your favorite or most memorable part of your wedding?

When Nelson proposed, it was as if a light switched on in my head and I instantly knew I wanted everything to be black and white and classy.

Our wedding day truly was the best day ever! I very carefully curated every single detail, from the bridal party’s individual outfits, to the simple centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres, to the minimal glass and mirrored decor, to the black cake, to the piano and violin covers of my favorite hip hop songs. The whiskey and cigar bar was Nelson’s idea and very popular with our guests. All the details felt cohesive and representative of us. Everything was so memorable I can’t pick one thing! It was perfect.

Wedding DIY, whiskey and cigar bar
Stylist Tip: Detachable trains are our jam! Have the best of both worlds with a gorgeous train for your ceremony and pictures, then take it off so you can dance all night without a bulky bustle! Let us create a dress that feels like YOU!

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