With the current world state, we’ve spoken to many brides who are overwhelmed and stressed over changing wedding plans. We know that many brides carefully pick their wedding details — especially the dress — to harmoniously fit into their theme, venue, and even time of year. All these changes have many brides with the question, “What do I do with my dress?!”

If you haven’t started your Anomalie wedding process yet, we wanted to give you some tips on how to easily change up just a few elements of your dress to accommodate a change of plans:

Adding Sleeves

With Anomalie, you have so many different sleeve options to choose from. Customize length and style!

This is perhaps the easiest option for Spring/Summer brides who had to postpone their weddings to the Fall/Winter. You can keep the original look of your gown, with the added coverage for warmth.


Add a Cape


Choose from short, long, beaded, or with lace.

This is another great way for brides who are postponing their weddings to the colder months. This is ALSO a great option for brides who might have had to change their wedding venue to a church, and need to have shoulders covered, but still want the option to take it off for the reception

Switch Up Fabric

Airy circle skirt to a structured fabric.

So you originally wanted a light, airy dress for your beachside wedding, but are now planning to get hitched in an indoor ballroom? Changing the bottom of your skirt to a different, more-structured fabric can completely change up the look while keeping your bodice the same!

Change your Silhouette or Shorten Your Skirt

If you now are planning to say your vows at your local courthouse or in an intimate backyard ceremony, you might want to simplify your gown! Changing your dress silhouette or even shortening the hem can make a gorgeous, casual dress.


Whether you are an Anomalie bride or not, these tips can really work for anyone!

  • Top it off! We have a great selection of semi-customizable veils at dressanomalie.com/veils — veils can change up the vibe of the entire look!
  • Add a belt! Whenever we think of the colder months, glitz and sparkle always come to mind. A beaded sparkly belt can also bring winter vibes to any dress- also make it more “formal”
  • Get crafty! We’ve also been seeing really cool crafty options like DIY painted leather and jean jackets!

We hope these tips give you some ideas to still be in love with your wedding look, even though the wedding may not be exactly how you originally planned it. We also know that some brides want to wear their dress how it is no matter what! Whether you’re going to be getting hitched on a snowy mountain top or at city hall in front of a few witness, what’s most important is that YOU feel beautiful and comfortable on your big day.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your stylists! If you want to get started on a custom Anomalie dress for yourself, we’d LOVE to help you!

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