By now, we hope you’re enjoying our online tools to browse base designs and refine the details of your perfect dress. Our stylists are experts on wedding dress construction and how our online tools work to create your perfect design.

During your dress search, the Anomalie stylist team is here to provide expert guidance, answer questions, and help you visualize your perfect gown.

Given that your wedding dress is such a personal and important item, we encourage all brides to schedule a complementary Design Appointment if you’re considering Anomalie for your wedding dress. In a recent survey, 98% of brides who completed an Anomalie Design Appointment said it was helpful in their dream dress search.

Design Appointments are held via Zoom (your call whether you want video on or off) and friends/family are welcome to join. We schedule them for 30 minutes, but many appointments are shorter.

When am I ready for My Design Appointment? How Much Should I Prepare?

Every bride-to-be is ready for an Anomalie Design Appointment, because our stylists are experts at providing valuable help wherever you are in the dress search.

Before the appointment, we recommend that you use our DressBuilder tool to refine designs you love and add any inspirations pictures to your lookbook for your stylist to review.

If you are at the beginning of your search, our stylists will make recommendations on potential styles that would look best based on your body type and style. They can provide examples of previous gowns Anomalie has made and make recommendations of elements to incorporate into your dress.

If you know exactly what you want, our stylists can help add the finishing touches to your design (Scalloped lace around the sleeve? Adjust the lace placement?). They can also make recommendations about the perfect lace and fabric stackup for your dress. Each dress is unique, but these recommendations are informed by data on the thousands of brides we have worked with previously.

Whether you are at the beginning of your search or know exactly what your want, our goal is to meet you and help you wherever you are in the wedding dress process.

What kind of questions do Anomalie stylists usually answer during the Design Appointment?

Purchasing a wedding dress online is a new process, so we are sure you have many questions.

The most common question we receive is How can I know my dress is perfect without trying it on?” and our answer is clear: our online process provides more certainty, price transparency and body-inclusivity than the boutiques.

At Anomalie, brides aren’t limited to the inventory of a store. The scale of our operations and vertically-integrated factories means that while we are making a custom dress for you, we are relying on design expertise and measurement data from thousands of other dresses to ensure consistency. In fact, we are the only wedding dress company to guarantee fit and offer the most Pro-Bride return policy in the industry.

Here are some of the other top questions we receive on Design Appointments – we are looking forward to answering yours:

Ready to Meet Your Stylist?

When you schedule a complementary Design Appointment, you’ll be paired with one of our stylists below. Schedule your Design Appointment when you’re ready here:

Anomalie Stylist Joecel helps brides design online wedding dresses
“I love how no call is the same! Each bride has a different, unique vision and story and I love being part of it.” -Joecel
Anomalie Stylist Giulia helps brides design online wedding dresses
“Helping brides find their perfect lace is the best part of my day! One of my favorite lace styles Anomalie has is Guipure, which so unique and hard to find in store! I love how textured and fun it is, a one of a kind look! The perfect lace for a Boho bride!” -Giulia
Anomalie stylist Tanisha helps brides design online wedding dresses.
“I love helping brides design the dream dress that they will walk down the aisle in… to their dream person! (Chills!!) I am a “classic bridal” gal with a little bit of flare! I love lace, pearl beading, buttons and any silhouette that compliments you!” -Tanisha
Anomalie stylist Ali helps brides design online wedding dresses.
“A lot of my brides are looking for a way to create something really unique and non-traditional. For example, one of my brides and I played with the exaggerated bell sleeve, all over geo lace and fun binding along her neckline! Then she added a double slit in her skirt… one-of-a-kind!” -Ali
Anomalie stylist Morgan Fay helps brides design online wedding dresses
“My favorite part of being a design stylist at Anomalie is getting to hear how unique each bride wants the design of their dress to be! Some of my personal favorite details include swiss dot fabric, long sleeves, and delicate white beading!” -Morgan
Anomalie stylist Miranda helps brides design online wedding dresses
“My favorite designs are fit-and-flare silhouettes! I think that fun embellishments, like 3D lace applique, make the dress pop! We also have a range of champagne, nude, and blush fabrics! A little beading and sparkle is also a great way for brides to truly make their dress one of a kind.” -Miranda
Anomalie stylist Megan helps brides design online wedding dresses.
“Nothing tops helping the bride play around with all the design elements Anomalie has! A blank slate excites me. I love starting with a subtle fit and flare and then adding chantilly lace. It’s such a delicate, feminine, and easy to mix-and-match lace style! To add some extra texture to the bodice, I love the idea of appliqué in all the right places. The contrast these laces create are unbeatable!” -Megan
Anomalie stylist Elisabeth is one of the reasons Anomalie is the best reviewed online wedding dress company.
“The best part about my job is meeting each unique bride and bringing her vision to life! I love designing non-traditional dresses, especially black ones! We have seen this trending lately, and I am ALL ABOUT IT!” -Elisabeth
Anomalie stylist Malori is one of the reasons Anomalie has the best reviews of any online wedding dress company.
“My favorite thing about Anomalie is our dedication to our brides. We put them first, and want this process to be as fun and as stress free as possible. Wedding planning can be tough, but creating your dream dress shouldn’t be!” -Malori
Anomalie stylist Katie helps brides design online wedding dresses.
“I live for the designs that mix traditional bridal with a splash of unique flare! One of my favorite brides did blue buttons as her “something blue” – I thought that was such a fun and cute design element! I am all for the little details.“ -Katie
Anomalie stylist Carly helps brides design online wedding dresses.
“Some of my favorite designs to create involve the pairing of two dif ferent fabrics! One of my dresses had a full lace bodice, crepe fit and flare skirt, and tulle overlay to create a long lace train! The plunge in her front and back bodice complimented each other, but still made the beautiful skirt the star of the show!” -Carly
Stylist Adrianna helps brides design custom wedding dresses at Anomalie, the best-reviewed online wedding dress company in the United States.
“My favorite thing about Anomalie is helping brides who are struggling to find their wedding dress at traditional boutiques! It can be so dif ficult to find a dress that encompasses everything you are looking for. Everyone deserves to feel confident and excited on their wedding day!” -Adrianna
Riley is a stylist at Anomalie. Anomalie is a leading online wedding dress company.
“I absolutely love my job because I get to speak with so many amazing and special brides. I love listening to our brides’ ideas and inspiration about what they are wanting their dream dress to look like. No bride is the same and the fact we can execute so many stunning and unique dresses truly inspires me every single day!” -Riley

Written by Carly, Anomalie Design Stylist