Here at Anomalie, we’re proud to celebrate ALL brides-to-be….no matter your race, body type, or sexual orientation. We are custom wedding dress experts and no matter what you want to emphasize (or downplay), whether you want to go big or go subtle, modern or classic (or somewhere in between!), we’re your style secret weapon!

So when Rebecca came calling, looking for someone to help her design her dream dress, one that she could never find in any boutique, we jumped up, ready to be a part of her wedding journey.

Rebecca met her fiancé working at Old Navy at age 16 (fate!), and after years together, became engaged at one of their all-time favorite places – the mountains – and decided to start planning one amazing wedding (we’re talking tacos, craft cocktails, and lots of dancing).

We’re beyond excited to help Rebecca look her absolute finest on her big day and as we continue along the process, we’re sharing some insight on her experience so far!


same sex engagement photos custom wedding dress

Photography: Calder Photo


How did you hear about Anomalie? What was it like designing your dress from scratch?

I actually found Anomalie via a Facebook ad – and it literally happened at the perfect moment! I had been scouring the internet for YEARS for the perfect gown in my budget with zero luck. I was running out of time to find a gown for my wedding, with my first boutique appointment fast approaching and little to no options in my budget and size that I liked. I’m plus sized, but I didn’t want the loose skirt and covered-up bodice that stylists usually put plus sized brides in. I wanted to show off my curves and do so in STYLE.

I went to my first, and only, boutique appointment and was super disappointed in the experience. I was put into all sorts of gowns that I specifically said I didn’t like, and any gowns I actually liked were more than double my budget and were a sample size 2-4 so they had to be pinned on top of me. I couldn’t even walk out of the dressing room without showing my bum. Later that same day I took a leap of faith and booked my intro call with Anomalie. It was the best decision I could have ever made. My stylist Lauren has been AMAZING to work with and the whole process thus far has been the best part of planning without a doubt. I always wanted to design my own gown but never thought it would be possible due to budget restraints; now I am literally getting my dream gown for half of my budget!

Tell us all about the vision for your wedding and your dress design:

Our wedding is going to be ultra modern and chic, with a large dose of personality! We didn’t want it to feel traditional or expected – even our venue is unique as it’s an old candy factory with exposed brick and copper doors. My dress design definitely follows suit – unexpected and full of drama. My fiance will be wearing a custom black suit. She and I have very different taste so we agreed to just design our attire as individuals knowing that we were going for an overall modern vibe.

plus size dramatic custom wedding dress Anomalie


Tell us more about the dress! Those sleeves are amazing – where did you get the inspiration?

Designing my dream gown was no easy feat. I am easily the most indecisive person you will ever meet so I designed at least 20 gowns before I decided on the one. I went through my Pinterest boards and collected images of gowns and design elements that I wanted to somehow incorporate into my design. I even wrote down inspiration words to help define and narrow down my vision. I came up with the idea of maxi sleeves as an alternative to a bridal cape – I love the drama of capes but I didn’t want to have to remove the cape for the reception and lose that drama. I had seen a few evening gowns with the maxi sleeves, and with a few tweaks knew they were exactly what I was looking for.

I decided to keep the rest of the dress a little more simple, but wanted to up the sexy so I went for a cut-out illusion corset detail with a fully sheer back. The fabric was a hard decision for me. My fiance loves lace but it was just too “bridal” for my taste so I went for a fully beaded tulle with a shimmer tulle underlay, which will be perfect with my statement earrings.

same sex engagement photos custom wedding dress

Photography: Calder Photo

Your dress design includes some fun personal touches! How else are you incorporating your personality into the wedding?

We decided we wanted our wedding to be a night full of things we love most with the people we love most. What do we love to eat? Tacos! We hate cake – belgian waffles it is! We love a good craft cocktail – Mule bar! We go out dancing almost every weekend – four hour dance party! We didn’t want our guests to feel like they’ve been to our wedding a million times before. We had our first kiss at a house party, and we wanted our first kiss as a married couple to be at a party too!

What’s been your favorite part about planning the wedding?

Honestly, as hard as it has been at times, it has been a great experience going through all of the rough times with my fiance. We have been together for almost seven years, but we continuously learn about the other person and how they deal with difficult situations and how we can then grow as a couple. Our first venue cancelled our event after they decided we as a couple weren’t a good fit for them, which broke my heart and caused quite the riff in our plans but my fiance was there to pick up the pieces and prove to me that we would find a better venue – and we did!

same sex engagement photos custom wedding dress

Engagement and wedding photos by Calder Photo.

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