Inclusivity is one of our main pillars here at Anomalie and we’re proud to create beautiful wedding dresses for ALL brides. To celebrate the end of Pride Month, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Anomalie bride Adrienne and her fiancée, Dizzi! Adrienne says, “our worlds came together so smoothly and something in my mind tells me that we were always meant to be.” Hearts melting!

Adrienne’s custom beaded rainbow wedding gown from Anomalie is a true reflection of her personality, love and style. Get a sneak peek at the process before her LGBT wedding below!

Explain the vision for your wedding.

Our wedding celebration is pretty much a full week long…yes you read that correctly. It starts with a bridal party celebration in New Orleans the weekend before. Then on the Wednesday before, we’re having a bridal themed drag show. Friday will be our wedding with THE dress followed by a brief reception at the church and then a happily ever after party. Saturday will be a candlelight ceremony and Sunday we leave for our honeymoon.

How did you hear about Anomalie? What was it like designing your dress from scratch?

I went online to find inspiration from other LGBT weddings and examples of dresses that had rainbow colors, but everything I looked at didn’t connect with me. I saw a Facebook ad for affordable custom-made dresses and I thought this may be just the way I need to go. I took a look at the Anomalie website and the reviews and everything looked wonderful. I set up my consultation, which was amazing by the way!

Anomalie LGBT inspired custom wedding dress rainbow beading

Where did you get inspiration for your own custom wedding dress?

We both agreed that we wanted rainbow as our colors. I already had an appointment to try different styles at a bridal store to see what I liked. I literally only tried four dresses. The last two, my fiancée and I thought looked beautiful, which were both A-line styles. We loved the top more of one and the bottom more on the other. Neither of them had rainbow colors and I didn’t know if I wanted to risk having one of them dyed and possibly not turning out right. When I showed my bridesmaids the two dresses, one said the same thing about liking the top from one and the bottom of the other and sent me a combined photo, which I decided to submit as a sample of how I wanted my dress to look.

When I received the sketch from Anomalie, my daughter said she really loves it and then suggested I maybe add a rainbow colored petticoat underneath. I loved the idea, so I decided to incorporate it into the design. My bridesmaids and her studsmen/stuspersons will each wear a different color of the rainbow, which also influenced me to have color in my gown.

LGBT wedding dress inspiration rainbow beading love is love

Adrienne is choosing to add rainbow colored beading to the neckline of the dress to fit the theme of her wedding.

Tell us about your first date and your engagement.

Dizzi asked me ahead of our first date if I would be willing to take a test she found that consists of 40 really detailed questions that supposedly makes you “fall in love.” The last question directs you to stare into each other’s eyes for four minutes, which seems like it may be long and awkward but it really wasn’t!

The morning we proposed we woke up around 6 a.m. having random conversation, which neither of us planned, being really silly. I said something & she all of a sudden jumped up out of bed and went into the other room, I thought she was going to grab her phone which was charging. When I turned around she was kneeling beside the bed, with the BIGGEST of grins I had ever seen on her face, asking me if I would marry her.

I was so speechless that every time I opened my mouth either I would say “REALLY?” with a HUGE grin or I would squeal a loud squeal. I kept telling myself in my head that I had to say something but nothing else would come out. Then I said YES! several times and I have not regretted that decision since!


What’s been your favorite part about planning the wedding?

To be honest, my favorite part so far about planning the wedding has been creating my dress with Anomalie. You all have made this such a smooth process and everybody I speak to is amazing, which means a lot to me because I have worked in customer service for a long time & that is something I pride myself on. You ALL are AMAZING!

Has your fiancée been involved in the process or are you keeping it a secret until your first look or walking down the aisle?

Since I first tried on dresses I have kept the design & progress between my bridesmaids, children and myself. Dizzi and I both pretty much agree we want her to be surprised!

Stylist Tip: It can be helpful to try on dresses in person to get an idea of what you like and don’t like, like Adrienne did! That way you can articulate your preferences during your consultation!

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