When it comes to highlighting your favorite features (or concealing something you don’t wish to show), your dress and accessories will be your unfailing allies. With this in mind, we’re starting a series on how to use these elements to your favor, and we’re kicking things off with an inky statement. Do you want to highlight your tattoo or do you prefer to keep things understated for your big day? Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered (no pun intended).

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Accentuate Your Ink

Whether you’re the proud wearer of a sleeve tattoo or you’re donning a dainty little ink accent, consider these dress suggestions to artfully showcase your tattoo.

Bride wearing a lace, low-back dress that flaunts her back tattoo.

Anomalie bride, Kristen, flaunted her tattooed back with a low-back number. Photo: Mark Tuzman Photography

Bride wearing a sleek low-back dress that shows her back tattoo.

Annie wore a spaghetti-strapped Anomalie dress that showed her dainty back tattoo. Photo: West End Photography – Bryan and Anh

Low Back & Cutouts

A low-back dress (along with a sophisticated updo) is the perfect way to show your back tattoo. Another daring alternative? Seek cutouts in the back or around your ribs if you happen to have a tattoo in this area.

Bride twirling in her low-back, spaghetti-strapped blush dress—showing both her sleeve and back tattoos.

Nicole twirled in her low-back Anomalie creation—tattoos fully exposed! Photo: Esteban Gil Photography

low back - rebecca lepage

Rebecca showcased her ink in a laced, low-back Anomalie gown. Photo: Nickel Jane Photography

Plunging Neckline

As if the plunging neckline couldn’t get any flirtier on its own, wearing this with a tattoo that runs down your chest is just sexy at its highest.

Bride wearing a laced dress with a plunging neckline that shows her tattoo.

Anomalie bride, Paige, boldly donned a plunging neckline to highlight her tattoo. Photo: Lauren Neff


Want to highlight your tattoo without actually bearing your skin? Opt for illusion material on your sleeves, chest or anywhere on your torso. It’s ideal for cooler weather and it’s also practical if you want the look of a strapless dress without foregoing the support that sleeves provide.

Bride getting her dress buttoned-up in the back. The illusion material showcases her tattoo.

Casey’s back tattoo was visible thanks to her Anomalie gown featuring an illusion back and sleeves. Photo: Shannon Chavez Production

Hide Your Ink

Not keen on showing you ink? No problem! You can camouflage your tattoo or hide it altogether with these reliable options.


One of our brides strategically placed the lace to hide her tattoo between her shoulders!

Lace & Beading Placement

Intricate details such as lace and beading are the perfect way to add a little something that’ll hide your tattoo whilst putting the spotlight on your lovely dress.

Bride dancing with the groom, wearing a bolero with her dress.

Anomalie bride, Marley, drew attention to other lovely design elements by covering up her arm tattoos with a bolero! Photo: Angela Wingham

Bride and groom standing in the snow. Bride wears a shimmery topper that covers her tattoo.

Sari designed a winter Anomalie dress with a lovely topper that camouflaged her ink. Photo: Chinook Photography


If you don’t need much coverage or only want to cover your tattoo for a portion of the day, a lightweight cover-up or bolero is perfect because you can shed it off as soon as you hit the dancefloor! If your wedding takes place in the wintertime, a faux-fur stole is a no-brainer.

Anomalie dress sketch featuring a fully lined gown in the front.

A dress that is fully lined in the front is an effortless way to hide your artwork.

Lined Dresses

It’s simple, chic and sophisticated. A fully lined front and/or back is sure to keep your artwork under wraps (pun totally intended).

Ask Your Makeup Artist

Yes, your makeup artist can cover that, too! This one’s a bit trickier because the makeup could rub against your dress or other surfaces, so use your best judgment (hint: the chest and neck are safe spots to cover!).

indian - samantha grieder

Anomalie bride, Samantha, celebrated in traditional Indian style with her henna-tattooed hands. Photo: Wander & Range Photography

Honorable Mention: Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are a mainstay component of Indian ceremonies. This temporary type of body art is known as Mehndi and, traditionally, a henna party is held for the bride before the wedding. During the mehndi ceremony, the bride gets the designs applied on her feet and hands—and sometimes, her relatives get henna tattoos, too!

Pro-Stylist Tip: Work with your Anomalie Stylist to design a dress and accessories that will work with your tattoo(s)—whether your goal is to highlight or to camouflage your ink.

—Featured image by Mark Tuzman Photography

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