When it comes to creating your wedding dress with Anomalie Bespoke, lace can play the lead role. Here at Anomalie, we have spent the last few years creating thousands of custom wedding dresses and have hand-picked laces based on our brides’ wants and needs. We are certain that we have a lace perfect for every bride’s dream dress! Not sure what kind of lace you’re wanting? Take a look at our core laces below! For unique or specialty laces, chat with your stylist for recommendations!

Are you wondering if lace is right for your design? Check below to see if lace can be added to your dress fabric:

  • Tulle: You can use as much lace as you desire!
  • Organza: Similar to Tulle, you can use as much lace as you prefer!
  • Crepe: You can add lace however, crepe fabric can only support a limited amount of lace!
  • Brocade: This fabric does not need lace added as Brocade already has its own texture!
  • Structured Fabrics (Mikado, Satin, Taffeta, Dupioni, and Faille): Unfortunately, we cannot add lace to these fabrics. The integrity of these fabrics risks being compromised if we add lace to them!
  • Chiffon/Georgette: Unfortunately, we cannot add lace to these fabrics. These fabrics are meant to flow and gather, and adding lace would weigh them down.

Floral Sheet Lace

Our rounded florals offer a softer, more delicate look for your dress. If you are going for a lighter lace look with a whimsical feel then our rounded florals are the right choice! 

Floral Sheet Lace Ann


Floral Sheet Lace Abigail


Floral Sheet Lace Alice


Floral Sheet Lace Amelia



Round Florals

Our rounded florals offer a softer, more delicate look for your dress. If you are going for a lighter lace look with a whimsical feel then our rounded florals are the right choice! 

Round Florals Lottie


This lace appliqué is made up of lightly embroidered repeating florals and leaves. It is the perfect lace for an allover floral look!

Round Florals Louisa


This appliqué has beautiful embroidered flowers of varying sizes with scrolling vines. It is perfect for a classic floral look!

Round Florals Lydia


This appliqué has thickly-embroidered flowers and leaves. It has both an organic, yet classic look to it, making it one of our most popular appliqués.

Round Florals Lillian


Beautiful lightly embroidered flowers and vines give this lace appliqué its airy, boho feel! It is perfect for dense or scattered placement on your gown.

Round Florals Lula


This lovely lace applique has flowers with textured scrolls and leaves. What makes it really pop are its 3D organza ribbon details along with its sparkling clear sequins!


Viney Florals

Our viney florals offer a natural twist to our floral laces by having a mixture of flowers and also leaves/vines to offer more texture and movement! If you want something that looks a bit more organic and raw than a vines lace is a great choice! 

Viney Florals Mabel


This organic lace design has plenty of flowing vines and various beautiful florals. It has a very romantic, yet modern feel to it!

Viney Florals Minnie


Delicate vines and thickly embroidered flowers make this the perfect lace for a very organic look!

Viney Florals Mercy


This vine-forward appliqué with its 3D leaves and organic pattern is sure to bring nature’s beauty to any dress.

Viney Florals Margaret


These embroidered flowers emphasize the movement of this lace design. It is a perfect choice if you are wanting an organic feel!


Large Florals

Our bigger floral laces are perfect for the bride who wants to have a large pattern flow throughout the dress without too much design all over! If you are wanting more of a spaced-out lace look than a large floral appliqué is the way to go!

Large Florals Hilda


This lace contains beautiful, large-scale blooming florals. Not only is the design absolutely stunning, but the size of the flowers truly make it stand out!

Large Florals Henrietta


This lace consists of lightly embroidered large scale flowers and leaves. While the design is airy and delicate, the shiny thread really makes it pop!


3D Florals

Our 3D lace options are enchanting and uniquely fun! These are a great choice for the bride who wants some texture and movement on her dress! These laces have personality and look perfect on their own or paired with another flat appliqué lace!

3D Florals Prudence


Delicate florals and tendrils of leaves and vines make this one of our most popular 3D laces! It is sure to give your dress a whimsical feel!

3D Florals Priscilla


3D Florals Pamela


Scalloped & Geometric Laces

Our scalloped and geometric laces are for the bride who pays attention to detail and wants to have a symmetrical design throughout her dress! These laces are made up of swirls and movement which make it easy for the eye to follow. If you want a pattern outside of traditional floral lace, these options are your perfect match!


Scalloped & Geometric Laces Ida


A mix of scallops, florals, and lattice – this lace has it all! Not to mention the stunning scalloped trim that’s sure to turn heads no matter your trains length!

Scalloped & Geometric Laces Isabel


Bold, scrolling, and symmetrical, this lace is sure to stand out! Its heavy embroidery, large motifs, and scattered beading make it the perfect statement lace.

Scalloped & Geometric Laces Ivy


Full of movement, this delicately embroidered appliqué is the perfect center piece for your gown.

Scalloped & Geometric Laces Iris


Beautiful scrolls, florals, and beaded lattice – this lace has a little bit of everything! It’s the perfect balande of strong lines and organic elements if you want to best of both worlds.

Scalloped & Geometric Laces Irene


Nature and symmetry combine in this appliqué with its scrolling vines and delicate florals sprinkled throughout!

Scalloped & Geometric Laces Georgina


Scalloped & Geometric Laces Grace


Scalloped & Geometric Laces Effie


Scalloped & Geometric Laces Esther


Black Laces

Our black laces are the option for our brides looking to add some rich moodiness to their dress or wanting a dark pop! If you have been looking for a way to incorporate black into your dress, lace is a great option!


Black Laces Briar


Textured leaves and nearly opaque flowers make this black lace perfect to pop against a light-colored gown. It can also add something extra on our “Up All Night” Tulle Stackup!

Black Laces Beatrice


The round black roses and small leaves make this black lace feel whimsical! Add this lace to one of our colored stackups or to an all-black dress.

Black Laces Belinda


Black Laces Belle



Colored Laces

Our colored laces are for the daring bride who wants to add some lively color into her design! We have a variety of colors that can add a subtly or dramatic pop to your wedding dress!

Colored Laces Cordelia


This metallic gold 3D lace appliqué is nothing less than eye-catching! Bold, yet elegant, this lace is made to stand out!

Colored Laces Constance


This densely pattered appliqué consists of scrolls, leaves, and small scale flowers. Its metallic silver thread and clear sequins give this lace a very regal feel!

Colored Laces Cecilia


Bright and bold, this lace is nothing less than unique! Mint and lavender florals make this the perfect appliqué to stand out on any dress.

Colored Laces Clementine


Looking for a pop of color? Then this lace is for you! Vibrant flowers and vines make this the perfect lace if you’re really wanting to make a bold statement!


Special Shapes

For our brides who want anything but ordinary for their dress we offer a variety of different shaped laces to add to your design! If you are wanting something to match a themed wedding or your personality then one of our shape laces will be the perfect addition!

Special Shapes Tabitha


Your heart can’t help but flutter when you see this lace appliqué! Delicate 3D & embroidered butterflies throughout this motif make it pretty and playful.

Special Shapes Theodora


A dense embroidered star pattern gives this lace a unique, celestial feel. This bold pattern is sure to stand out in the best way!


Considering Anomalie Bespoke for your gown? Here’s some additional information.

Anomalie Bespoke gowns generally range between $1,800 and $2,300 and the process takes roughly 4-6 months from payment to delivery. We use an innovative At Home Try-on to ensure better measurements than a tailor and gowns are backed by the FitCommit Guarantee.

Have questions or need help creating your dress]? Learn more about our Design Services. Our principles on each call are:

  • Transparency – We’ll be honest about the strengths and weaknesses of our process, and whether Anomalie is right for you. Our goal is to help you find the perfect dress, whether that is from Anomalie or somewhere else.
  • We meet you wherever you are in the dress search, making expert recommendations to brides just starting or helping brides who know what they want to create their dream dress.
  • Visualization is key – we use the thousands of dresses we’ve made to show you specific pictures of what your dream dress will look like in your size. We’ll suggest detailed lace placement and fabric options so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Get started on your dream dress – Learn more about our Design Services

-Written by Design Stylists Megan and Morgan