At one point or another, we’ve all dreamed of a ball gown that would put even the most refined princess to shame. You know the one: a classic silhouette made of silk or lace that cinches at the waist and billows out into a full skirt that’s perfect for waltzing the night away with your Prince Charming. Anomalie bride Kellen’s wedding dress brought all of the best traditional elements into the modern age with her contemporary gown. By combining a plunging neckline and subtle cutouts with a long train of lace and tulle, her dress was the perfect marriage of old and new (pun intended). After completing the Anomalie design process, Kellen was ready to walk down the aisle to Drew on their perfect wedding day in Kansas City.

What made you decide to go custom for your wedding dress?

I was looking for options that allow for more customization in wedding dresses. When I was trying on dresses, there were always parts of the dresses that I wished I could change. I found Anomalie online and was impressed by the pictures of the dresses. The quality seemed really high, and the dresses were gorgeous.

What were the unexpected benefits of going custom for your wedding dress?

 I knew that the dress would be uniquely mine. I didn’t have to worry about seeing another bride wearing a dress similar to mine (or the exact same one!) prior to my wedding. 

Did you have any hesitations about going custom?

I was worried that I wouldn’t know how to “create” my own dress. I knew which elements I liked in a dress, but didn’t know if I would be able to describe them easily. However, my stylist, Jaclyn, made the process go so smoothly! She knew all of the right questions to ask and was very helpful. It ended up being really fun to go through my look-book pictures with her and see my dress come together.

What was your favorite part of your gown?

I loved all of the small details. The lattice print lace that we were able to use on the skirt and bodice, the cutouts in the back, and the illusion mesh on the sides of the dress were all highlights for me.

lattice lace custom wedding dress

Photo: Dannie Dan-Irabor Photography

What was your favorite part of the Anomalie process?

I have two favorite moments. Seeing my sketch for the first time—I was excited and amazed that the sketch looked exactly like I imagined. It was really neat to see everything I hoped for in a dress come to life in the design. My other favorite moment was trying on my dress for the first time—it looked even better than the pictures, and the fit was almost perfect.

Anomalie custom wedding dress review sketch

If you could offer a piece of advice to a future Anomalie bride, what would it be?

Consider the logistics of the dress that you are designing. Initially, I wanted a super long train, but I realized that it was also very important to me that I was comfortable on my wedding day to be able to enjoy the whole day. I ended up shortening the train that I originally imagined, but was thrilled with the final length. I was able to easily bustle the train for dancing! 

Dancing wedding dress bustle, cutouts hayley paige

Photo: Dannie Dan-Irabor Photography

What was the best part of your wedding day?

Having all of our family and friends together to celebrate with us was the best feeling ever. I also loved the moments that Drew and I were able to share in private, like our first look. But if I’m being honest, the day would not have been complete without my dress, wedding cake, and champagne!

What is the best part of married life?

My husband!

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Kellen & Drew’s Wedding Vendors:

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