Anomalie allows brides to easily create a custom dress of their own — with over 4 billion potential options. We are excited to share how we are able to offer the most customization options in the bridal industry.

Using an online model to create a bride-friendly experience

The goal of Anomalie is to bring every bride’s perfect dress to life – at the perfect fit and a fair price. In 2019, there has to be a better, more magical, process than the high prices and low selection of the boutiques. 

It was clear that an online-first model, supported by an incredible stylist team just a call away, was the only way to achieve the goal of almost unlimited selection and fit. A brick-and-mortar store obviously can’t carry billions of options! Online-first allows us to offer the world’s largest selection of wedding dresses, without the boutique markup. The response to this Pro-Bride vision has been overwhelming: nearly half-a-million brides have used Anomalie to visualize their gown and we are proud to be the highest-rated national retailer on WeddingWire.

Identifying the “building blocks”

While creating so many custom dresses over the past several years, we saw that these one-of-a-kind dresses were actually different combinations of the same building blocks. By matching different skirt silhouettes, necklines, lace types, and lace placements, a bride could design virtually any dress. With this realization, we had a big idea: to create the world’s biggest assortment of wedding dresses. Our team has spent the past two years cataloging all the variables that go into a wedding dress. This has been an incredible undertaking, and we’ve created the most robust database of wedding dresses ever created, such as:

  • 18 types of sweetheart necklines to achieve the perfect shape
  • 42 different silhouettes for an a-line skirt to ensure exactly the right volume
  • 130 fabric options in white, ivory, and colored fabrics, sourced from the same mils that go into $10,000 boutique dresses.
  • 70 lace options that create almost any look imaginable

We have over 8,000 design layers, with each one representing different details of a wedding dress. Together, these equate to more than 8000 layers can create 4 billion different dresses that can be easily be paired together when on your Design Appointment with your Stylist. 

What sets us apart

Our ambition is not simply to sell wedding dresses online – Amazon can do that and we know brides need much more. It is to use our design, technological, and manufacturing expertise to magically create the perfect gown for every bride–and consistently deliver it with perfect fit, at the perfect price, with impeccable service. This next step is only possible because of the feedback we’ve received from each of the thousands of brides we’ve worked with. We never take for granted the trust brides put in us to make such an important garment, and we treat every dress as if it were our own. Nothing makes us more proud than hearing from our brides the incredible lengths our team goes to ensure they look and feel beautiful on their wedding day.

Combined with our expert stylists and best-in-class factory partners, we know we are creating something very special. If you or a friend can’t find your perfect dress, we encourage you to sign up for Design Services to create a dress that is meant for you.