At Anomalie, we are laser focused on fit. Fit is so important for the look and feel of your gown- but your measurements only tell part of the story. That’s why we have incorporated a secondary fit process for our Anomalie Bespoke customers- the At-Home Try-on.

We will send you 2-3 sample garments based on your standard dress size selected during payment. These patterns were developed from analyzing hundreds of thousands of measurement sets of our previous brides. Please note: the sample garments are not meant to be a version of your specific dress design.

We’ll ask you to try on the sample patterns, choose the best fitting one, clip anywhere it is loose and take several photos.

Our team will review the photos in addition to your provided custom measurements to help achieve the best fit of your gown. Because each dress corresponds to an Anomalie pattern with over 30 points of measurement, we can analyze the picture with high accuracy to determine your unique measurement set.

Our assurance on fit is backed up by our FitCommit Guarantee, which vows you will not pay more than $399 for fit-related alterations.

Let’s get into instructions for the At Home Try-on!

Before You Start

Before beginning your At Home Try-on, please ensure you have the following:

  • Proper undergarments – Wear the undergarments similar to what you plan to wear on your wedding day, including any shapewear. If you’re not planning to wear a bra with your dress, measure wearing a bra or tank top that gives you the shape that you like without any extra padding.
  • Friend/family member/fiance to help out!
  • Camera/phone for photos

General Instructions

1. Select one of the two sample options that fits you best.

After receiving your FitKit, try on the sample patterns and choose which sample fits best. When selecting the best fitting sample, please proceed with the one that fits best in the bust/torso.

Please note:

  • The pattern is meant to fit either slightly loose or just right, in order to achieve the best results.
  • This is a sample pattern & is not meant to be a version of your specific dress design. It will also not be in the same fabric or necessarily have the same construction as your gown.

What if my sample fits perfectly?

Great! If one of the sample patterns fit perfectly, so that there is not enough excess material to clip in any of the below-mentioned areas, please skip to Step 3 & submit front/back/side photos wearing the sample as is. Here is an example of a perfect fitting sample:

What if I am unable to fully zip any of my sample options?

Not to worry! Please contact your stylist as soon as possible to send additional styles.

2. Clip Excess Material

While wearing the sample bodice, take your clips and clip any excess material along the seam lines so that the pattern is as flush to your body as possible. Keep in mind, the goal of the clips is to achieve the closest fit. In order to get the best possible fit, the material should be evenly clipped on each side of your body – i.e. If you clip one inch of material on the right side seam, you will also clip the same amount on the left side seam.

Here are the locations on your torso to consider clipping to achieve the closest fit: Natural Waist, Upper Bust, Underbust, Underarms. Please see the locations circled above.

3. Submit!

Once all clips are on, please have your friend/family member/fiancé take a front, back & side photo of you, as well as up close photos of the clips for us to best see the excess material. You should have a total of 6-8 photos to submit.

Submission Details and Measurements

Once complete, please head to the details tab on your Anomalie dashboard to find instructions on how to take your measurements and submit your FitKit photos.

Please email your stylist with any relevant fit notes that you would like our team to know.

Example: The waist seam hit right where my natural waist is. It was slightly loose in the bust, fitted through the hips and the armholes felt just right!