I’m not really sure of what I want, should I wait to get started?

Whether you’re torn between a few different designs or trying to decide if you should incorporate certain details, we can definitely help you narrow down your choices! What matters the most is that you feel confident in the dress you want to design. We are here to help you at any stage in your dress buying. Work with your personal stylist on your budget, silhouette and style to perfect your dress. You will receive a curated ANOMALIE box full of fabric swatches, surprises and your ANOMALIE measuring tape. With your stylist’s guidance, you will receive access to ANOMALIE’s digital catalog of lace and fabrics! Some of us have dreamed up our dream dress since the day we were born but some simply have no idea – and that’s okay! Anomalie wouldn’t be what it is today with our expert stylist team who help all our brides from beginning to end, even brides who aren’t quite sure what they want! A design appointment is a great way to just bounce ideas off your stylist if you aren’t exactly sure what you want. Here are some questions to get your mind running and great ways to bounce ideas off your stylist:

  • How would you describe your personal style? Simple? Dramatic? Boho-chic?
  • Do you envision your wedding dress to resemble your personal style or be a crowd shocker?!
  • Do we need to keep climate in mind? Arizona summer wedding? Maybe let’s skip on those sleeves…
  • What type of dresses do you gravitate towards when you are casual/formal dress shopping in your day to day life?
  • Take a look at our Instagram – try liking photos that you naturally gravitate towards, do you see a particular theme you are liking? Save these photos into your Lookbook!

These are all great starting off points you can discuss with your stylist! No bride should ever go through her dream dress creation alone, chat with your own personal stylist today! No need to worry, we’re here to help and guide you through this special journey. 

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