Anomalie has recently partnered with one of the fastest growing Bridal hair and Makeup brands in the US, Stylebee. Stylebee works with brides throughout the country to come directly to your bridal suite, to provide all the beauty services you need before walking down the aisle, including hair, makeup, and that ever important mani/pedi.  We’ve asked  Stylebee’s Creative Director, Celebrity Hair and Makeup artist Chantelle Hartshorne, to walk you through the sea of bridal beauty ideas and provide a wedding a hairstyle guide for brides planning to say “I do” wearing a veil!

Chantelle says….

First of all congratulations! This is such an exciting time for you and I hope that I can help make the wedding planning process a little easier! Now, with that being said, you’ve inevitably made the transition from “OMG I’M GETTING MARRIED, I’M SO EXCITED!” to “OMG I’M GETTING MARRIED, WHERE DO I START?” By now you probably have 10,000 different hair and veil looks pinned to your “wedding board” and are likely starting to feel slightly overwhelmed. Don’t worry, I talk with multiple brides on a daily basis and you are not alone!

On a daily basis at Stylebee, I speak with multiple brides about the exact hairstyle they are looking for on their wedding day. While each bride is unique, the dream is the same, watching your partners face light up when they see you for the first time.

The Trial Run

What is my number one recommendation? Schedule a Trial Run with your stylist. Whether you choose to work with a Stylebee Artist or a stylist who falls outside of our network, you want to make sure they are the right match for you. The trial run is where you get to know each other and your artist has an opportunity to learn about you and your style well in advance of the actual wedding day.

So without further ado – here are the top things to consider for your wedding day hair style:

  • You personal style – How do you like to typically wear your hair?  Do you prefer to keep it off your face? Do you want to keep it down and loose or up and high?
  • The veil – Are you considering wearing a veil and if so, what kind of veil do you picture walking down the aisle in? You’ll want to consider the length, the trim options, and if you prefer to have a single or double tier veil that can filp over your face to create a blusher. Browse Anomalie’s line of semi-custom veils for inspiration and check out this guide for picking the perfect veil.
  • Accessories – Are you planning on wearing a tiara, flower crown, or other type of headpiece to complete your look? You’ll want to think about how you want to incorporate this into your hairstyle and veil, if you choose to wear one.
  • Short hair vs long hair – Is your hair already long and if so, are you keeping it long for your wedding? If it’s shorter than you’d like, are you considering adding length to your look with extensions, or keeping it at it’s natural length?
  • The dress – Do you have a back that NEEDS to be shown off? Have you been putting in long hours at the gym and want to show off those finely tuned muscles? 
  • Two looks or one – Are you planning on wearing the same hairstyle for the reception as the ceremony? If you have a veil, will you be removing it for the dinner and reception?
  • Be honest with yourself – Are the images you’ve been looking at realistic for you to achieve (are you a short haired blonde wanting long dark cascading curls?) When I’m choosing a style for myself, it needs to match what I’m working with. No matter how hard I try, I just don’t look like Jennifer Lopez!

Once you’ve answered some of these questions and narrowed down your variables for your #LookOfTheDay, we can finally begin to finalize your style!

So let’s talk options:

Hair down: Can you wear a veil when your hair is down? Of course! A veil needs only a “spot” to be inserted. With minimal teasing and maybe a few pins you can easily get a veil nicely secured into a down style. It’s a fantastic option for those “curly haired girls” that want to showcase their amazing curls or for someone that just wants to feel like just like their natural self on their wedding day.

anomalie wedding hairstyle long hair down with headpiece

Photo: Amy Lynn

The Half Up, Half Down:  Half up, half down hairstyles are a great way to get the best of both worlds. You get the comfort and security of hair covering your shoulders and the added “glam” of a face framing style with an ideal spot to easily insert a veil securely. I love a long and lace-trimmed veil to accentuate a soft romantic half up hairdo. If you are wanting to still show off the back of your stunning dress, you can always sweep it over one shoulder (don’t forget you’ll want it on your right side for ceremony pictures).


Photo: Ashley Mac Photographs

Low Up-do’s: If you are simply in love with your updo and are thinking about taking your veil off for dancing, inserting the comb into the bottom of the updo is the easiest way to maintain the integrity of the hair style while causing minimal damage when removed. Should you want to place the veil on top and are planning on removing it, try adding a little decorative comb in the place of the veil to maintain the look and structure of the original hair style without the added weight of the veil for the after party.

Anomalie wedding hairstyles with veil low updo

Photo (L): Nicole Gatto Photgraphy, Photo (R): Dabble Me This

High Up-do’s:  I’m a child of the 90’s so my first days spent looking at bridal magazines had a lot of this style. People often think that it can be a “dated” look, however if it is done well it will frame your face beautifully, pop those cheekbones and keep your neck cool through a scorching August afternoon. High updos are the easiest way to incorporate some nice additional “bling” and if you’re wanting to wear a tiara there’s no better place for her to live then right at the top of a high updo. A long veil, tiara and a blusher veil can all easily accompany a high updo with no added stress of having to ask yourself the question “is this too much?”

Anomalie weddinghairstyles with a veil - high updo

Photo: Asia Dore Photography

Can you wear a veil with short hair? OF COURSE YOU CAN! Depending on how short your hair is a small blusher veil can be a great option if you don’t have enough hair to “secure” a spot for the comb. If not, there are ALWAYS hair extensions and you’d be surprised how little hair it takes to put together a funky little updo.

Anomalie online custom wedding dress, geometric boho, keyhole, veil down hairstyle

Photo: Cameron Flaisch Photography

Want to set up a trial with one of the Stylebee team? Request a call with our Bridal Coordinator. Use promo code ANOMALIETRIAL20 for $20 off your wedding trial!

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