While we acknowledge many of you haven’t worn a wedding dress before – that doesn’t mean you don’t already know what type of dress will look great on you! For this, look in your closet and think back to dresses you love (maybe your old old prom dress, a previous bridesmaid dress, office Holiday party fancy attire – really any formal gowns or nice dresses you have worn before). Chances are whatever makes you feel like a million bucks in your everyday life will make you feel like a BILLION on your wedding dress.

Let’s Look at Fit

Note the styles of dresses that fit your body well. Do you have a flowy maxi dress you love? Do you like the way it flows down to the ground or are you looking for something to hug you more? If you like the way it flows then maybe consider an A-line for volume or a circle skirt that will give you some movement.

Put on that body-con dress, or even one of your pencil skirts! If you like to accentuate your figure, you might want to go with a sheath/column gown or a body-hugging fit & flare.

Check Your Necklines, Waistlines, & Sleeves

Take a look at your favorite tops and dresses – the ones that never fail to make you feel & look amazing. What kinds of necklines to they have? Are they v-necks? Sweethearts? Off-the-shoulder tops? Do you feel your best in a strapless top? Or maybe a quarter length sleeve?

Take note of where your favorite dresses and tops hit your waist. Most brides prefer their wedding dress to cinch in at their “Natural Waist” (this can be found by putting your hands on your hips, and bending to the left and right. The point that moves as you bend is your Natural Waist!) Some brides like tops and dress that flow out a little higher than this point — these are called “Empire Waists”. Some prefer tops and dresses that flow out below the natural waist — these are called “Dropped Waists.” Your closet and the clothes you love can be a great source of inspiration!

Your Stylist is Here To Help!

Have no fear if you are having a hard time visualizing this — your personal stylist is here to help! Before you chat with your stylist you can upload photos to your lookbook – photos of yourself, photos of wedding dresses you’re gravitating towards, or even a workout top that you love the fit of! Your stylist will use these photos to make recommendations about which types of dresses and design construction will most flatter your body!

You can also take a look at our Silhouette Guide if you want to learn more about what brides usually go for. With all this, remember that there are no rules as to what you can or cannot wear on your wedding day. The perfect dress will be the one that YOU love.

Written by Malori Clark, Stylist