Anomalie has launched its first-ever Collection, featuring eight gorgeous dresses with incredible potential for wedding-dress-perfection. The Collection was developed with the modern bride in mind, using data collected from the thousands of bespoke dresses that Anomalie has created to date. This means that the Collection was actually designed by real brides which is what makes it so special and unique. At a glance, the dresses are beautiful and bridal, but they also pack more versatility than meets the eye. 

With the introduction of the Anomalie Collection, it’s easier than ever for brides to find their perfect dress. Not to mention, the dresses come in 50 sizes and offer a 10 week lead time. Now that leaves just one question – how will you choose which Collection dress is right for you? 


A great place to start would be to consider which silhouette is right for you. When we talk about silhouette, we’re mainly referring to the shape of the skirt. Are you leaning toward something Full? Flowy? Slim? Curvy? Or maybe somewhere in the middle? Some brides know right away how they want their dress to fit, but for those who need a little guidance, here are a few things to consider:

Body Type: There might be some parts of your body that you’d prefer to highlight or hide. This is where the silhouette that you choose can help you. Want to accentuate your curves? Then the Mermaid silhouette is for you. Want to minimize your curves? Try a fuller skirt (A-line, Ballgown, or Circle) or even a Sheath for a slim fit that isn’t overly hip-hugging. 

Comfort: Many brides put a lot of consideration into how they want to look on their wedding day, and it can be easy to forget how you will want to feel. Are you getting married on a beach in Mexico? Or on the top of a snow covered mountain? A-line and Ballgown silhouettes will have a petticoat which will add some extra weight to your gown – probably not the best for hot/humid weather, but could be opportune for a chillier affair. Is it important to you that you can get low on the dance floor? Keep in mind that the Mermaid silhouettes are going to be form-fitting which will limit your capacity for breakdancing. If overall comfort and “danceability” is your top priority, Circle and Relaxed A-line will be your best bet. 

Venue: At Anomalie, we believe that the most important thing about your dress is that it’s the one that you feel best in. That being said, you may feel most comfortable if your dress is representative of the location and tone of your wedding. As a general rule of thumb, a ballgown is often worn for more formal weddings and is not as popular for rustic or outdoor events. Throwing a super casual gathering? You might find something with a little less volume is most suitable. Sheath, Subtle Mermaid, or Circle would all be great options. 

Have an idea of which silhouette might be best for you? Now we can start narrowing down the Collection dresses:

Relaxed A-line, A-line, or Ballgown: The Ventura, The Garland, The Kittery, or The Mesa with the overskirt

Circle: The Aspen

Sheath, Subtle Mermaid, or Mermaid: The Juneau, The Marfa, The Mesa, or The Aurora

Sleeves and Neckline

Now that we have the skirt figured out, we will need to finish your look with the top half of the dress. Let’s talk about sleeves and necklines.

Sleeves: Sleeves have been a pretty consistent trend with Anomalie brides. Sleeves are particularly appropriate for colder weather, formal, or more traditional weddings. We’ve also seen many Boho/Romantic/Whimsical brides wear sleeves on their wedding day – sleeves are truly adaptable with any style. One thing to consider with sleeves is mobility – doing the YMCA is going to be a little tricky with a fitted sleeve, so if this is a dealbreaker we’d recommend straps or strapless. If sleeves are for you, check out The Garland, The Aspen, The Juneau, or The Aurora. All of these dresses will allow you to select your preferred sleeve length. 

A variety of sleeve lengths are available for the Garland Dress

Neckline: The dresses in the Anomalie Collection consist of open necklines (more skin), high necklines (chest completely covered), and illusion necklines (chest is covered with a sheer netting  material). This really is a personal preference, so ask yourself what type of top you typically feel the most comfortable in. What was the last dress or top you wore that made you feel amazing? If you’re uncomfortable with a high neckline, you’d probably be most comfortable with a V or sweetheart neckline. You might also like an illusion neckline for its sheer quality, which can give the appearance of lace directly on your skin. If you feel your best a little more covered up, you might select a boatneck, a “high” V or sweetheart, or a classic illusion neckline. 

If you think you know what kind of neckline you’d like, check out these dresses:

Illusion: The Garland, The Aspen, or The Marfa

Boatneck: The Juneau

V-neck or Sweetheart (with varying neckline depths): The Ventura, The Kittery, The Mesa, The Juneau, or The Aurora

Selecting your Dress

If you noticed the same dress suggestion appearing throughout this post, start there! Keep in mind that you can refine your Collection dress to perfection – sleeve length, neckline depth, train length, lace and color are all customizable. Remember to consider what you typically like to wear for special events (or every day!). Select a Collection dress reminiscent of what you know you feel the best in. On your wedding day what’s most important is that you feel like you. If you’re still torn or in need of some friendly guidance, please let one of our expert Stylists help! Connecting brides-to-be with their perfect wedding dress is what we do best.