How does Anomalie choose the right fabric and lace for my dress?

The Anomalie process combines the expertise of working with 1.5 million brides with the personal touch of couture – and this principle holds true for our lace and fabric process.

Each dress we make is unique, but we rely on expertise and data to source the best materials and make the right recommendation for each dress.

This post outlines the process to make sure your dress incorporates the perfect lace and fabric.


Use Anomalie’s browse functionality to see base designs for your dress. Clicking on the dress from the browse view opens a details page that gives lace and fabric recommendations for the gown.

Design Every Detail.
Example of initial lace and fabric options on a Summary Page

Once you create an account, you can schedule a complementary Design Appointment where your stylist can go over lace placement options and share additional curated lace recommendations. These lace options will show up in the “Dress Details” tab of your dashboard (logged-in state).

Often, lace and fabric is confirmed on this Design Appointment but brides can wait until after payment to give final confirmation.

Your Dress Details tab.
During your complementary Design Appointment, your stylist can upload curated lace recommendations on your Dress Details tab.


After payment, your stylist team will send you a fabric box with the recommended fabrics to touch/feel.

Your stylist will also confirm your lace options and the recommended lace placement. Lace confirmation is done digitally because of the number of laces we offer. When you’re ready, you can approve lace and fabric in your dashboard before production.

The lace you approve is hand-applied.

Anomalie is perfecting a process – using our online tools and stylist team – to provide you certainty that your lace and fabric choices will create the exact gown you are envisioning.

Have questions? Schedule a complementary Design Appointment below.

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