You call the shots for hundreds of decisions in your wedding, but it’s hard to choose wisely when you don’t know ALL of the options or how to locate them. Honeydew is your expert to curate custom vendors to help you select the best options to fit you and your partner’s wedding aesthetic. They do all the research, conduct screenings, and even negotiate on your behalf.  Honeydew – the personal assistant for all your wedding planning needs! 

We love it when we come across other vendors looking to shake things up in the wedding industry like we are at Anomalie, so we sat down with Lucy and Michelle, the creative co-founders of the San Francisco-based startup to get all the details on their e-planning services.

What inspired you to start Honeydew?

My best friend got married last year, and I was her maid of honor. I saw her stress throughout the planning process. While working toward a promotion at her full time job, she was also taking vendor calls, visiting venues, negotiating, and honestly…doing most of the work compared to her fiancé. We know that most modern women haven’t been dreaming about their wedding since they were four, and that isn’t currently reflected in the wedding planning industry. You can either –  1. pay an exorbitant fee for a traditional planner, or 2. spend ~300 hours to do it yourself. We believe you should be able to engage in making the decisions you care about, while having an assistant to take care of the research and details. With the help of technology, we can make that vision accessible to brides across the US.


What’s the number one reason brides come to Honeydew to use your planning services?

Brides have unique preferences for their wedding but no time or expertise to execute on them.

What can couples expect when working with you to plan their wedding?

We believe in a low touch, tech-enabled user experience. You should be able to engage when needed, either on-the-go or sitting at home next to your fiancé. You should be able to trust vendor recommendations and have full transparency into pricing. This means you have a Honeydew portal you can access 24/7 view updates, make decisions, and stay on track. Your vendor matches are custom curated and the pricing of your venue, photographer, caterer, etc. is unique and specific to your needs.


Do you suggest couples hire a “day of wedding coordinator” if they are using your services?

We provide day of wedding coordinator services! We highly recommend having a coordinator–you shouldn’t be the one giving instructions to the wait staff, putting out fires, and rearranging the schedule if a vendor shows up late. You should have peace of mind and bliss on your special day

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What’s your favorite part about working with couples to plan their big day?

We love empowering couples to make decisions confidently. We know that this is an expensive, high stress event, but it’s also an incredibly special milestone and we want you to be able to experience the best of it. It’s so motivating to see how relaxed couples feel once they offload the nitty gritty details to us, the experts. We know our customers truly love the Honeydew experience, and they express their delight! Listen to some of this feedback we’ve gotten:

“They truly have taken the stress out of wedding planning, and working with them has made me more excited about my wedding than when I was planning items on my own.”

“The service is super organized, transparent, and quick! Honeydew is for the modern bride and groom who don’t have time to plan, but still want that perfect wedding.”

How are you different from other online wedding planning services?

When I was helping my best friend plan her wedding, I was looking for services that would make the process easy. I was frustrated to find a ton of online resources existed—blogs, checklists, search engines, but at the end of the day, we still had to email, call, and meet with vendors ourselves. I couldn’t find any vendor pricing or availability information online, and getting that information was time consuming and repetitive. There are software tools you can use to help with certain aspects of planning, like free platforms to build a wedding website or create your seating chart, but they only help you DIY 1 step of the event planning process. Pretty soon, we had way too many accounts and tools we had to learn how to use.

With Honeydew, you communicate directly with us, and we handle all the planning work for you. We serve couples, not vendors and are committed to turning your vision into reality. We bring the added expertise of knowing how much things should cost and negotiate on your behalf to make the most of your budget.

Share your favorite story of working with a couple – what was the biggest impact you had on their big day?

One of our customers is definitely a power couple–the bride is the CEO of her own company and so is her partner. On top of that, she’s always traveling internationally for work. They asked Honeydew to find them a caterer who could 1. serve oysters and fries during cocktail hour, 2. serve South African style food for appetizers, 3. serve Swedish style food for entreés. The couple had already tried to do their own research to no avail. Our team contacted 20 food providers in NYC, from traditional caterers to ethnic restaurants looking for a team who could match these food preferences at a fair price with a history of stellar reviews. The couple loved the food at their tasting and were really impressed with the speed and thoroughness of our research, AND they didn’t have to send or make a single email/call.

How @travelyas, a Honeydew bride-to-be feels about our services: “I was mega happy when I found you guys. It’s exactly what I wanted for a great price. You make the whole planning process easy. I love booking vendors online (rather being on the phone or exchanging thousands of emails). The service is super organized, transparent, and quick! Honeydew is for the modern bride and groom who don’t have time to plan but still want that perfect wedding.” ⠀⠀ Photo by @travelyas @wetravelhecooks

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