Raise your hand if you love a good, classic bride and groom look! We’re thrilled to share this classy couple, with her stunning Anomalie ball gown featuring a duchess satin bodice and his classic black tux. Don’t they look like picture-perfect cake-topper bride and groom? Get to know Andrea and the vision behind her custom wedding dress.

Tell us about the vision behind your gown.

I’m not one of the brides who’s always dreamt of what her wedding dress would be like, but as soon as I got engaged, I knew I wanted to look like an old-fashioned cake topper. I wanted to look classic, but not outdated; elegant, but comfortable … with a pinch of sexy. I also knew that I didn’t want a strapless dress. It seems like most wedding dresses are strapless these days, so I wanted something different, plus I knew I’d be on the dance floor in my wedding dress (A LOT), and strapless garments just aren’t conducive for non-stop dancing.

What did your dress research look like?

I knew that I didn’t want to try on a lot of dresses, so I did a lot of Pinterest research for inspiration, and then visited one store — figured it would be fun to pretend I would ‘Say Yes to the Dress’. I tried on 3-4 dresses and fell in love with a Grace Kelly-inspired dress. It had everything I wanted: style, class, subtle sexiness, and a skirt fit for cake topping. The only thing it was missing that I really wanted was lace. So when I shared the picture with my Anomalie consultant, we thought through ways to add lace. Perfection.

Custom wedding dress with v-neck and straps.

Photography: Janet Howard Studio

How did you work with the Anomalie team to create your dream dress?

I’d say one of my favorite parts of the process was having an appointed seamstress in Chicago (where I live) and in Atlanta (where the dress was shipped and where the wedding was). It was extremely convenient and comforting not to have to find my own seamstress to put the final touches on my dress. And both were fantastic. The Chicago seamstress did an incredible job because my dress fit perfectly from the first fitting to my wedding day. The Atlanta seamstress was very knowledgeable, and I felt comfortable with her sewing in the cups and steaming “all those layers.”

Overall, I thought the communication was very good. When I first began the process, the online portal hadn’t launched yet. But when it did, I loved it. It helped ease any concern by being able to log in and see pictures and progress. I also really appreciated the selection that was available. When it came time for me to choose lace I had no idea what kind of lace I wanted, but Remy (Andrea’s stylist) sent several options until I found one that I loved.


Photography: Janet Howard Studio


What were the reactions to your dress reveal?

I’m not sure why, but everyone assumed I’d wear a form-fitting/mermaid-type dress. So EVERYONE, even my mom, was shocked to see my huge dress.

My husband was probably the most shocked of all. I didn’t tell him a thing about the dress, and he’d choreographed a dance for us to show off at the wedding. The whole time we were rehearsing, I knew that the steps wouldn’t work around my dress, but I couldn’t tell him about my dress!! So we pretty much winged it for the dance. Nonetheless, he loved it. He said it looked like I had a halo on all night because no one could get too close to me (because the dress was big)!

Everyone loved that it was classic and elegant – and how the skirt was kind of billowy and majestic. The dress was the perfect length so that my feet were hidden as the organza shifted with almost every move. I looked and felt like a floating cake topper. It was exactly what I wanted.



What is your advice for upcoming Anomalie brides?

Unless you’re hiring an actual dress designer, have a solid idea of what you do want and what you don’t want. Definitely start with nailing down the silhouette, then neckline, then fabric. From there, the details can fall in place with the help of others. But you should really be sure about those 3 main things when you begin the journey of creating a custom dress. Also, watch all the wedding shows on TLC.

Tell us about your big day!

Our wedding day was truly amazing. Perfect weather and sunny skies, so much love and support in the air. Our venue was a historic mansion in Midtown Atlanta (my dress really matched the vibe well). We had 94 guests, they all arrived on time, and they all had a blast … as did we! We don’t have many posed pictures during the reception at all because we all just partied. It was the best day. And we were done by 9PM, also perfect. I’m not a night person. Plus, it was a Sunday.

Stylist Tip: Trying on dresses before your Anomalie consultation will help you communicate what you do and don’t want in a dress. Click here to get started.



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