Here at Anomalie we’re big believers in making your wedding as personal as can be. And we also know your Big Day isn’t complete with just your (gorgeous) gown alone so when it comes to planning all those other pretty parts, we’re leaning on the ladies of The White Box, Michelle and Carrie. You share your ideas and they send a perfectly planned wedding, all wrapped up, right to your doorstep. We were eager for all the details so we got together, over some virtual coffee of course, and got to know the duo behind this ingenious idea!


Quickest and clearest way to describe The White Box!
The White Box is your virtual wedding planner! Two wedding pro’s interpret your style and budget and produce a personalized wedding blueprint with all of the tools, tips, shopping list, inspiration and steps to take to build your ideal wedding. A total game changer.

Why did you want to offer this e-service?
The beginning stages of planning a wedding have a tendency to be overwhelming. We want (brides-to-be) to enjoy their engagement and focus on building a marriage instead of just a wedding. We decided to create The White Box to alleviate that stress. We want to be a go-to guide and a friend that our couples come to when they get stuck but also when good things happen too.

Why should brides-to-be use The White Box versus hiring a wedding planner (other
than the potential cost factor)?
So they have a real kick start into their planning! We give them knowledge about what it takes to plan and next steps to take. We also filter through their Pinterest boards or inspiration images and organize them into a cohesive look. Whether couples hire a planner or not, they can use their personalized plan as a jumping off point.Anomalie-whitebox-co-5

Who is the perfect White Box bride?
The perfect White Box couple is usually at the beginning stages of planning. Ideally they have booked their venue (or we have a service that we offer first to help find a venue) and are ready to start making design choices that fit their personal style and budget. We feel lucky to work with each one so intimately. The perfect couple is really just one that needs support and trusts us!

What is the most useful aspect of The White Box?
The most useful part of The White Box is having your own personal wedding consultant an email or a text away. You get a friend that just happens to be a professional to collaborate with, bounce ideas off of and to get advice from. Everything we suggest is completely tailored to the couples relationship, style, budget and preferences. We’re just on their team.

As for the service itself, the online tools are really helpful. From a detailed checklist for planning to a design studio filled with inspiration for your day, you just login and everything is waiting for you to follow along with. Our favorite tool that we create is the custom shopping list housed in the virtual tools platform. We customize a list for each client with links to specific invitations, table linens, bridesmaid dress styles, wedding programs, escort cards and so on that they can click and purchase.whitebox co, custom wedding planner website

Can you work with brides that are super specific on a vision as well as brides who aren’t as sure of what they want?
Of course! We love both! Sometimes of our couples come to us with their exact vision mapped out but just want us to show them how to pull it all together. Others are the polar opposite and don’t have a single inspiration image or color scheme. They come to us with an idea in their head and need us to develop a more clear style and the inspiration to show their vendors. We find both challenging but in the most exciting way! It makes it so fun for us because no two couples or wedding styles are ever the same.

How personal are you able to make each individual wedding?
As personal as the client would like! Our couples love to share really intimate details of their love story with their guests. We love coming up with ways to trickle these style elements and personal touches into their day. We like to provide specific ideas on how to personalize through decor, color, food, unique vendors, invitations, exit ideas etc. We like to ask really specific questions in our bridal questionnaire and on our phone consultation to get to the heart of their love but also the feeling that they want guests to walk away with.

Any amazing stories you’ve received from White Box brides?
Each story is beautifully unique. The engagement stories have been hilarious to
insanely romantic. Not even embarrassed to say that we have all uncontrollably laughed (client’s included) or teared up while chatting with couples.

Recently we connected with a bride that had lost her Dad. She opened up and shared stories from her childhood that wound up inspiring ideas to incorporate into the wedding. Wedding planning is so emotional and the connections we form with our clients are so strong because of it.whitebox co, custom wedding planner website blog

Your future hopes and dreams for The White Box?
We have so many dreams for this company, but we want to grow and continue to make choices based on what we learn from our couples. We listen closely and make
decisions on how to build our brand and business by what our couples need, are asking for and sharing with us. They are why we do this after all. At our core we just want to provide a safe space for couples, be a voice of reason, offer guidance and support throughout planning and encourage engaged couples to have a little fun.

Your advice for all brides-to-be out there?
Just remember to focus on your love story and relationship in every decision that you make regarding your wedding. Take the time to enjoy the engagement and planning and discuss your future. Planning a wedding is fun but your love is the most important part.

For more information on The White Box, visit their site and follow along on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.