Lace long sleeves may have caught everyone’s attention when Princess Kate wore them seven years ago, but add in a dash of color and a stunning lady like our Anomalie Bride Alyssa here, and we’re talking a whole new level of amazingness. With a glam Gatsby vibe running through her whole wedding celebration, this beautiful bride looked the part perfectly with the help of her gorgeous gown. We caught up with her as she filled us in on her inspiration, vision and the fantastic final results!

New Orleans Vintage wedding dress

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Tell us all about your vision for your wedding dress – and how Anomalie executed it!

I knew I wanted a lace gown with long sleeves from the beginning. Then when we were deciding on the exact type of lace, I wanted something that felt a little vintage to tie in with the 20s glam/Gatsby theme of our wedding. The scrollwork lace seemed to be a perfect fit for the look of my wedding, and also fitting for a New Orleans wedding.

One thing I loved was that (by working with Anomalie) I got to pick a totally different color lining than what I would have seen in any dress shop. This wasn’t something I was expecting to do but Anomalie had just come out with a few colored lining options and Kristi, my stylist, showed me a dress on video where Anomalie had lined it with a mauve fabric. So when I got the samples in the mail, I ended up loving how the mauve looked underneath… it was just a subtle touch of color and what I really loved is that it really made the lace detail pop!

Looking to incorporate your wedding theme into your dress? 👀 no further! Alyssa added lace, beading, and a pop of color to get all the vintage feels for her New Orleans wedding! #Itsananomalie

Posted by Anomalie on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

When we were working on the sleeves, Kristi understood my vision of wanting more organically placed lace on the sleeves so it didn’t look heavy in any particular spot. I also knew I wanted an intricate lace detail on the train of the dress. I think it just gives the dress something extra unique and adds a beautiful “WOW” factor to the train. I absolutely loved the way that turned out. Anomalie made my veil with the lace details to match. I fell in love with the romantic and vintage look of a blusher and loved the way all the lace details tied together. That was another huge bonus of working with Anomalie… to be able to create a veil that was matched so well with my dress!

New Orleans Vintage wedding dress, scalloped lace edge

How did you learn about Anomalie?

I originally saw an ad on Instagram. Once I started researching Anomalie more, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. I had gone into a couple of bridal shops and they would have hundreds of gowns and then out of those, only a few had long sleeves and I knew I wanted long sleeves. I remember finding a dress in a bridal shop where I loved the type of lace detail on it but it didn’t have long sleeves. They literally put the long sleeves on another dress on me while I was still wearing the other dress. They started explaining how some designers won’t even allow you to add long sleeves to their dress and for the ones that will, it could be fairly expensive because they had to source the original lace. I was basically seeing elements in several different dresses that I loved and wanted to put them all together in one dress. I knew I needed some other solution but I never thought a custom dress would be affordable for me.anomalie.Alyssa_C.02But once I spoke to Anomalie, I realized that not only was it affordable, but it would actually save me money! I was sold right away after that initial discussion.

I loved the entire process. I am the kind of person who has trouble if I don’t have control over the process or am dealing with something unknown, so you can imagine how I would have felt about something as important as my wedding dress. So it kind of freaked me out initially because I wasn’t going into a store and picking out a dress where I knew exactly what I was getting. But the process ended up making me feel so comfortable and not at all worried about how it would turn out. I loved that I got to see samples of the fabrics, drawings, draping, and photos of the lace. I ended up really loving the process. I relied on Kristi a great deal during the process. She would give me recommendations when I wasn’t sure about a particular decision. She really took the time to understand my vision and make sure it came to life on the dress. She gave me the suggestion of the mauve liner and it ended up being one of my favorite things about the dress and it wasn’t something I would have ever considered before if she hadn’t suggested it. Kristi helped me with every decision, right down to the beading to add lots of sparkle to my dress. She made sure I was happy with everything along the way and was able to speak on my behalf with the designer to make sure every detail would be what I wanted.

New Orleans bridesmaid dresses

What was the reaction to your dress?

People told me I looked like an actual princess, and what girl doesn’t want to hear that?! I got so many compliments on the dress… gorgeous, stunning, and more, and some of my unmarried friends wanted to know the brand, where I got it, etc. In fact, one of my engaged friends is now going to get an Anomalie dress too! It also fit beautifully and I didn’t have to alter it around the body… only the sleeves and the hem. My husband loved it too and it was a nice surprise for him!

New Orleans vintage wedding dress

Daniel & Alyssa Wedding Photography Samples | Pharmacy Museum and Messina’s at the Terminal | 1216 Studio Wedding Photography

Why did you love having a custom dress?

Having a customized dress allowed me to design a dress that fit in with the overall theme of the wedding (20s glam/Gatsby inspired). The dress was very glamorous yet vintage looking at the same time which went with the theme and all the glamour of the whole wedding including sparkly bridesmaid dresses and sparkly gold and silver decor including sequined tablecloths. I also thought the dress was very romantic with all of the lace details and that was definitely part of the vibe I was going for. It was an evening wedding and reception and full of dripping candles everywhere to add to the romance. If I could boil it down to two words I’d say I was going for “glamour and romance” and I think the dress really captured that.

Daniel & Alyssa Wedding Photography Samples | Pharmacy Museum and Messina's at the Terminal

Tell us a bit more about your whole wedding celebration!

The Second Line is a New Orleans tradition for lots of different occasions including weddings. Even though we had over 100 guests, it was a destination wedding. Not one person lived in state. So we knew we wanted to do some things that were uniquely New Orleans that our guests were never going to experience anywhere else and the Second Line was a perfect choice for giving them a taste of something uniquely New Orleans. We had custom handkerchiefs made since it’s part of the tradition, you wave hankies as they parade down the street. My husband and I had umbrellas as the bride and groom which is another New Orleans tradition. The champagne dress was something I came across and loved the idea because only in New Orleans could you hire a champagne dress lady. It was also obviously such a nice tie in with the 20s glam/Gatsby theme.

All of our food was very New Orleans too, such as shrimp and grits, poboys, muffaletta sandwiches, charbroiled oysters, and bread pudding. The reason we had it in New Orleans was because my husband and I met there! Neither of us are from there but I went to school at Tulane and my husband was down visiting with friends when we met. We really fell in love with the city and in the city! We got engaged there as well… during Mardi Gras! So it’s our favorite place and we knew we had to get married there!

New Orleans wedding traditions, umbrellas, second line

Stylist Pro Tip: Use the overall theme of the wedding as a jumping off point for your own bridal look! Take the style that you’re going for at your ceremony and reception and infuse it into your dress, whether it be glamorous, elegant and classic, vintage, the possibilities are endless! Schedule a call with an Anomalie Stylist to discuss more today!

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Gatsby themed New Orleans wedding, mask

Daniel & Alyssa Wedding Photography Samples | Pharmacy Museum and Messina's at the Terminal

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