Read These First

Is Anomalie legit / Why should I trust Anomalie?

Why should I schedule a Design Appointment?

How can I be sure the dress is perfect without trying it on?

What is the Anomalie process?

How does Anomalie guarantee fit?

• When is the right time to get started with Anomalie?

How does Anomalie choose the right fabric and lace for my dress?

What happens if I don’t like my dress? What is your return policy?

Unbiased Anomalie Reviews

We are proud to be the best-reviewed national wedding dress retailer and our number one source of customers is referrals from Anomalie brides. Our process combines the expertise of working with 1.5 million brides with the personal touch of couture – leading to a 96% recommendation rate on WeddingWire. To see unfiltered reviews, please visit:

  • Instagram – every wedding dress in our feed is of real bride – we do not filter comments and it is very common that brides comment in the feed. We also have thousands of tagged photos where brides often comment on their Anomalie experience.
  • WeddingWire
  • Yelp

Curious About Anomalie? Have Additional Questions? Need Help Visualizing Your Dress?

Given that your wedding dress is such a personal and important item, we encourage all brides to schedule a complementary Design Appointment if you’re considering Anomalie for your wedding dress. In a recent survey, 98% of brides who completed an Anomalie Design Appointment said it was helpful in their dream dress search.

Design Appointments are held via Zoom (your call whether you want video on or off) and friends/family are welcome to join. We schedule them for 30 minutes, but many appointments are shorter. Schedule your call below:

Post-Payment: Making Your Dress

How can I ensure my lace placement is perfect?

Does Anomalie send photos when my dress is in production?

Are there any restrictions on what I can make?

I’m not really sure of what I want, should I wait to get started?

Will my stylist contact me first?

Who will be my stylist?

Are you a real person or robot?

Tell me more about my Anomalie personal stylist. What exactly does she help me with?

What if I don’t know exactly what I want to design? Will I annoy my stylist?

Can my stylist recommend what looks good on my body type?

What if I change my mind about a design element after DC? After I officially approve the sketch – can I still make changes?

Can my family be involved in the Anomalie process?

Pricing, Timing and Alterations


What is the typical price of an ANOMALIE dress?

How will different design elements affect the price of my Anomalie dress?

How can I get a price quote for my dress?

Does Anomalie offer financing options or payment plans?


What does the normal timeline look like?

Do you have any sort of rush fee?


Will my Anomalie dress be ready to wear straight out of the box?

I am trying to lose a bit more weight before ordering, when should I start?

Will ANOMALIE do the bustling on my dress?

Shipping and Returns

I am nervous about buying online without trying on. What is your return policy?

Can you ship internationally?

Who pays for shipping?

How do I track my Anomalie dress while it’s being shipped?

Other Questions

Do you recommend trying dresses on in stores?

Can the sketch look more like me and my size?

Where are you based/located?

What other accessories do you make beyond veils?

I want to wear a jacket. Can you make one for me?

How much do overskirts cost in addition to my dress?

How much do flower girl dresses cost/can you do one?

Can you make me a jumpsuit or pantsuit?

Will ANOMALIE do the bustling on my dress?

Can you make a dress for my bridesmaids?

Can you make a prom dress for me?

Can Anomalie make a dress if I am pregnant?

I am trying to lose a bit more weight before ordering, when should I start?

Can my family be involved in the process?

Where can I see pictures of past dresses you’ve done before?