How is Anomalie Collection Sizing Different?

  • We offer sizes ranging from 00 to 38—far more than many of our competitors.
  • We offer two additional measurements for torso length and body type (read more about those below) that informs an even more exact fit 
  • We make your skirt to a custom length based on your dress size and height. 

 This process allows us to make you a dress that fits as closely as possible with dependable, key measurements in a streamlined process. 

Petite is a proportion, not a height

When deciding whether or not to choose a petite or regular length bodice, consider the vertical proportion of your body: 

  • As a rule of thumb, we recommend that if you’re under 5 feet 2 ½ inches you consider a petite bodice.
  • If you describe yourself as “short-waisted”, or often find that tops and sleeves are too long then you might be petite up top. 
  • We publish the hollow-to-waist body measurement for each size we offer and suggest that you double check this measurement before confirming your size. 


Curvy Fit

Our curvy fit has an adjusted hip-to-waist ratio designed for bodies with a proportionately smaller waist and larger hips than our standard fit. The bust measurements are the same for each size across both fits. 

Tip #1: Get help to take your measurements

When you take your measurements, get someone to help you. While it seems simple enough to grab your own bust/waist/hip measurements, the best thing you can do to take these measurements as accurately as possible. Instruct your measurement partner to keep the tape measure level to the floor when taking your bust, waist, and hip measurements.  For the vertical measurements try to stand in a relaxed pose. If you have the undergarments you plan to wear with your dress, it makes sense to wear them when taking your measurements, though this is not strictly required. 

Tip #2: DO NOT fudge your measurements

Even if you’re 100% confident that you will lose weight before your wedding,  do not order a size based on your anticipated future measurements. Choose  your size based on your current measurements. It’s so much easier to take a dress in than create fabric to let it out, and we hear from brides all the time that they ended up losing weight in parts of their body they weren’t expecting! It’s very hard to gauge before it happens and you don’t want to risk it.  

Tip #3: Consider your silhouette when choosing your size

We think of our skirts in two broad categories — full and fitted skirts. If your dress has a full skirt (Aspen, Garland, Ventura, Kittery), choose a size based on your bust and waist measurements. The full skirt will accommodate larger hips. If you have a fitted skirt, choose based on your bust, waist, and hips.

Tip #4: If in doubt, reach out! 

We are always happy to help you choose your size! Our stylists have guided thousands of brides through the process and can answer any questions you have about fit and alterations. 

If you’re interested in ordering a collection dress that’s made to your custom measurements, we can do that too! Email us at to get started.