Springtime is the right time… to order your fall wedding dress, of course! Did you know that, according to the 2019 Wedding Wire Report, October 19 is the most popular day to get married? If your big day falls in the mid-October ballpark, you can still make the current Anomalie cutoff for ordering your gown (we require at least 8 months before your event date to create your custom gown). Still drafting up the final details of your dress? Here’s our trend checklist to help take your design off the ground and into production!

Scroll down to get the scoop on Fall 2019 wedding dress trends!

Anomalie bride wearing a short-sleeved, high collar gown.

Anomalie bride, Emily, went mod in a short-sleeved high collar design. Photo: Stella Blue Photography

Mock Neckline (or High Collar)

A high collar is both elegant and practical for the crisp fall weather. We love a romantic lace mock-neck that can be applied to a skin-toned illusion tulle for extra depth. Whether you want to partner this with streamlined long sleeves or mod-inspired short sleeves, it’s up to you! 

Anomalie sketch featuring a long-sleeved trumpet dress with a laced high collar.

Cassie completed her long-sleeved dress with a laced high collar.

Daring Cutouts

Want to show a little skin without freezing to death? Cutouts are the answer. Think side, underarm, or midriff cutouts to give you a bandeau effect. Want the trendy look without the baring of skin? Consider a train cutout with a lace panel!

Anomalie bride wearing a dress featuring a midriff cutout with a sheer, laced overlay.

Jacquie donned a dainty midriff cutout. Photo: Eduardo de la Peña

Anomalie sketch featuring a column dress with side cutouts.

Lily jazzed up her Anomalie gown with side cutouts.

Anomalie sketch featuring an A-line dress with back cutouts.

Anomalie bride, Kirsten, added back cutouts which are equally bold!

Anomalie sketch featuring a column dress with a laced train cutout.

Melissa opted for a train cutout with a lace panel for extra romantic points.

Modern Racerback

Our fashion-forward brides are quickly getting behind this trend. The unexpected back detail serves you oomph and sophistication (and it adds a little something extra to those walking-into-the-sunset-with-your-beau pictures). Add a keyhole to the racerback for extra flair!

Anomalie bride wearing a keyhole racerback dress, walking away with her groom.

Camille added a flirty keyhole to her racerback dress. Photo: Nick Wolf Photography

Anomalie sketch featuring an A-line gown with a minimalist racerback.

Minimalist racerback designed by Kelly for her Anomalie gown.

Anomalie sketch featuring a two-piece dress with a dainty racerback.

Anomalie bride, Jessica, designed a barely-there racerback—trend-setting and glamorous.

Exposed Corsets

Yep, exposed corsets are still going strong! But the traditional bustier corset isn’t the only way to go. You can don an exposed bodice with any type of sleeve—including sheer long sleeves to keep with the skin-flaunting illusion.

Anomalie exposed unlined corset wedding dress,

Ariana designed her custom online wedding dress with an exposed-bodice bustier corset. Photo: Krizel Photography

Anomalie sketch featuring a sleeveless lace dress with an exposed bodice.

Rachel chose an exposed bodice for her sleeveless lace dress.

Anomalie sketch featuring an exposed-bodice lace gown.

The exposed bodice in Kyonna’s gown was elegantly fearless.

Tiered Skirts

Cake, lasagna, Stranger Things… All good things come in layers, are we right? A tiered skirt is the perfect way to anchor your look if you’re going after a dynamic effect. The best part? You can apply layers to any (and we mean any) dress silhouette.

Anomalie bride wearing a voluminous tiered skirt, holding hands with her groom.

Megan twirled in a dramatic Anomalie tiered skirt. Photo: Derek Halkett

Anomalie sketch featuring a trumpet gown with a tiered skirt.

Anomalie bride, Bertine, designed her trumpet gown with a rich, tiered skirt.

Anomalie sketch featuring a sheath tiered dress.

Amy went sleek in her Anomalie sheath tiered dress.

Sheer Long Sleeves

Just like the high collar, sheer long sleeves are a convenient trend that lends glamour without sacrificing warmth—think skin-toned illusion tulle with floral lace appliqués. Lace not really your thing? No problem! You can still get the sheer long-sleeved look sans appliqués.

Anomalie bride wearing a dress with sheer long sleeves.

Anomalie bride, Cheyenne, wore a breathtaking dress with sheer long sleeves. Photo: Eric Rene Penoy

Close-up of Anomalie bride wearing sheer long sleeves with lace appliqués.

Stephanie embraced her sheer long sleeves with lace appliqués. Photo: Kayla Augustine

Fabric Trend: Sparkle Tulle

Craving to glow in festive shimmer, but hoping to take it easy on the budget? Sparkle tulle is a great, affordable alternative to hand beading and it comes in an array of colors! From a single layer of glitter tulle on your gown to a sequined bodice, to a glistening cape, the world is your (sparkly) oyster.

Anomalie online custom wedding dress, tiered, champagne, sparkle dress plus size

Danielle added an extra layer of sparkle tulle to her tiered A-line dress. Photo: Seeing Southern

Anomalie bride wearing a tiered, champagne, sparkle dress in plus size.

A dynamic, gleaming finish made Danielle glow in her custom Anomalie gown. Photo: Seeing Southern

Anomalie bride wearing a dress with a sparkle fabric.

The sparkly perfection of Katherine’s dress was created with a layer of sequin tulle. Photo: Candi Jiang + Annie Chang

Accessory Trend: Capes

… And speaking of capes. The benefit of going custom is that you get to design a custom cape that matches your dress (think fabric, lace and color). Not only does this accessory provide two looks in one, but it will keep you warm and it’s a Wonder-Woman kind of chic—could we really ask for more?

Anomalie sketch featuring a sleek cape over a sheath dress.

Anomalie bride, Kate, completed her sheath dress with a sleek cape.

Anomalie bride wearing a lace cape.

Cassandra designed a lace-infused cape for her Anomalie gown. Photo: Cassandra Young

Anomalie bride wearing a cape, flowing in the wind, kissing her groom.

Cassandra’s cape perfectly matched her custom dress. Photo: Cassandra Young

Anomalie bride wearing a cape over her dress.

Anomalie bride, Kat, wore a stunning cape with her Anomalie dress. Photo: Colette Kulig

Stylist-Pro Tip: Pick your favorite trend and add it to your gown—it might just be the finishing touch it needs! Be sure to talk to your Stylist today and tell her which trends you’re loving so that she can help wrap up your design.

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