Fabric is the core of your dress but we know there are so many different types so we are here to give you a breakdown of the options you can choose for your design in our bespoke process! At Anomalie we offer a variety of fabrics for your dress that range from soft, flowy, drapey, and structured! Different fabrics will achieve different looks and will explain them all to you here!

Unsure where to start when it comes to fabric? Let us walk you through a few things to consider:

  • Are you looking for fabric for a specific look or for an overall feel? Some fabrics will give a certain look and others will feel a certain way!
  • Where you are getting married and how fabric may affect your day! For example, if you are getting married on a beach, a heavily structured dress may not be realistic.
  • Is the fabric for your dress something you haven’t considered and need guidance from a stylist? No problem, we are here for that exact reason and will explain it all to you!

Soft Tulle Fabrics

Soft Tulle Fabrics

Tulle is a soft nylon netting used to create fluid silhouettes or silhouettes with a considerable amount of volume. This fabric is best used in dresses that incorporate lace and beading. Tulle is offered in our standard colors which include snow-white, soft white, champagne, nude, blue belle, blush, black, lilac, and sparkle tulles (silver and gold).

Soft White | DressAnomalie
Soft White
Vintage Rose | DressAnomalie
Vintage Rose
Champagne Bubbles | DressAnomalie
Champagne Bubbles
Snow White | DressAnomalie
Snow White
Bellini | DressAnomalie
Lilac | DressAnomalie
Blushing Bride | DressAnomalie
Blushing Bride
Honey | DressAnomalie
Blue Belle | DressAnomalie
Blue Belle
Pretty In Pink | DressAnomalie
Pretty In Pink
Toffee | DressAnomalie
Up All Night | DressAnomalie
Up All Night

Light & Structured

Light & Structured | DressAnomalie

We are able to create light and structured looks with Chiffon and Georgette. These are fabrics that are sheerer and lightweight offering a slightly silkier look. They are most commonly used for a circle skirt silhouette! These fabrics are offered in both black and white!

Soft White Chiffon | DressAnomalie
Soft White Chiffon
Black Chiffon | DressAnomalie
Black Chiffon
Soft White Georgette
Soft White Georgette
Black Georgette | DressAnomalie
Black Georgette
Soft White Poly Organza
Soft White Poly Organza

Crepe Fabric

Crepe Fabric | DressAnomalie

Crepe is a fabric that has a natural drape and cling to it, often used with a Sheath or Fit/Flare silhouette. This fabric is opaque and can withstand a small to medium amount of lace! Crepe is offered in both black and white!

Soft White Silk Crepe
Soft White Silk Crepe
Snow White Silk Crepe
Snow White Silk Crepe
Soft White Poly Crepe
Soft White Poly Crepe
Black Poly Crepe
Black Poly Crepe

Brocade Fabric

Brocade Fabric | DressAnomalie

We have sourced a handful of beautiful Brocade fabrics which have a thicker, woven, raised pattern throughout. This is a great option if you are looking for a more structured look with an all-over pattern.

Bouquet Toss | DressAnomalie
Bouquet Toss
Garden Party | DressAnomalie
Garden Party

Structured Fabric

Structured Fabric | DressAnomalie

We have a handful of structured fabrics to choose from that range from matte to sheen! These fabrics are heavy, structured, and provide a firm finish to hold a silhouette shape! Our structured fabrics include Mikado, Silk Cotton Faille, and Luxe Satin!

Silk Cotton Faille
Silk Cotton Faille
Silk Faille | DressAnomalie
Silk Faille
Luxe Satin | DressAnomalie
Luxe Satin
Poly Mikado | DressAnomalie
Poly Mikado
Snow White Luxe Satin
Snow White Luxe Satin

Sparkle Fabric

Sparkle Fabric | DressAnomalie

Our sparkle fabrics have similar bases as our normal tulle, consisting of soft nylon netting. These fabrics are offered in silver, clear, and gold and are a perfect option for the bride who wants to shine! We offer these in light and dense options if you are wanting to keep it subtle or go all out!

Sequin Tulle - Clear
Sequin Tulle – Clear
Silver Dust - Light Sparkle Tulle
Silver Dust – Light Sparkle Tulle
Gold Dust - Light Sparkle Tulle
Gold Dust – Light Sparkle Tulle
Silver Sparkle - Dense Sparkle Tulle
Silver Sparkle – Dense Sparkle Tulle
Gold Sparkle - Dense Sparkle Tulle
Gold Sparkle – Dense Sparkle Tulle

Skin Tone Illusion

Skin Tone Illusion

Illusion mesh is used to offer a sheer, natural look on your dress. We offer either skin tone illusion or the same color of your dress without lining beneath it!

Barely There | DressAnomalie
Barely There
Sun Kissed | DressAnomalie
Sun Kissed
Golden Hour | DressAnomalie
Golden Hour
Sand Tropez | DressAnomalie
Sand Tropez
Cafe Au Lait | DressAnomalie
Cafe Au Lait
Mocha Latte | DressAnomalie
Mocha Latte
Maple Sugar | DressAnomalie
Maple Sugar
Chocolate Cake | DressAnomalie
Chocolate Cake

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-Written by Design Stylists Megan and Morgan