Now that you know what to expect on your Design Consultation, it’s time to prepare. Whether you have a specific vision or you’re not quite sure what you want yet, prepping is a piece of (wedding) cake!

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Anomalie bride looking over the balcony in her fitted lace dress.
Dev executed her vision of a sheath lace dress with Anomalie. Photo: Jarrell Peak

If you have a vision…

Then you’re halfway there! Knowing what you want and communicating every aspect of your vision to your Stylist is, of course, a great way to kick off your Design Consultation. The more information and clear inspiration you provide, the more accurate we can be in bringing your vision to life. 

How can you get there?

  • Edit your sketch until it best reflects your dream dress—this saves us precious time that we can spend discussing all the details. Feel free to retake the survey to experiment and play with different styles! We want you to feel satisfied with your sketch creation.
  • Upload photos to your Lookbook and add comments to highlight the design details that you like.
  • Think about your preferences for your wedding day. While your Stylist will be sure to ask all the right questions, it can be helpful if you’ve already considered these items:
    • Do you have any priorities for your big day? How much do you value comfort versus style?
    • Are there any particular areas of your body that you want to show off, or are concerned about? 
    • Is your wedding taking place in a location with a particularly warm or cold climate? Is your ceremony or reception outdoors?
Anomalie bride dancing in her circle-skirt dress.
Anomalie bride, Kelsey, fell in love with gorgeous, flowy skirts. Her Stylist helped her pick the right silhouette, fabric and lining to ensure her dress moved beautifully on the dance floor. Photo: Ashley Errington

Still not sure what you want?

No problemo! We offer a ton of gorgeous inspiration on our Instagram and throughout our blog. You can always email our Stylist team at to learn more about our process or brainstorm ideas!

How can you narrow in on your vision for your perfect dress?

  • Browse the inspiration gallery and add photos to your Lookbook—our Stylists can review your photos and identify common themes among the photos you’ve added.
  • Consider your body shape and what fabrics and silhouettes you feel most comfortable in. If you had to attend a wedding or formal event, what type of outfit would you wear? (Of course, trying on dresses in different silhouettes can also help!)
  • Consider where you fall on the spectrum of comfort versus style.
  • Think about your venue and the vibe you’re going for, as well as your goals for your dress. Also, consider you and your fiancé’s personalities. What words would you use to describe your dream day? 
  • Dive into our blog, Anomalie Unboxed, to learn more about basic terminology, dress silhouettes, fabrics and much more!

There is no wrong way to find your dream dress

There’s no level of experience or vision we haven’t worked with. From brides who’ve never tried on dresses to those who’ve tried on hundreds of them—our goal is to help any bride find her dream dress. Whether you just got engaged or you’ve been on the hunt for a while, and even if your wedding is years away, we’re here to work with you!

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