When Janice, from San Francisco, got married in her Anomalie dress we were blown away by the ambience that Jonnie + Garrett captured through their stunning photography on her wedding day. A married couple themselves, Jonnie + Garrett have traveled to many destinations, with their camera gear in tow, to capture “the epic shot” of hundreds of couples.

Jonnie + Garrett’s 3 tips to make sure you Capture the Moment

  1. Choose your photographer based on style: Instead of viewing pictures only featured on a photographer’s instagram and website, take a look at a photographer’s full wedding day gallery. Seeing the whole gallery, rather than a few highlights, will help you understand the photographer’s style.

Jonnie + Garrett love when the couples they photograph are up for an adventure. 

Favorite destination you’ve traveled to with a couple?

                Jonnie: Hurricane Ridge                                          Garrett: Taft Point

  1. Get to know your photographer: Share your wedding day vision and talk the about the relationship you have with your friends and family. Communicating with your photographer allows them to look out for those moments to capture. An engagement shoot is a great way to get to know your photographer and for them to get to know you as a couple!

Favorite wedding moment to capture?

                    Jonnie: After the couple’s first kiss, when they’re walking back down the aisle in joy as a newly married pair 

Coming down the aisle

                 Garrett: The last 30 minutes of daylight when the natural light allows us to be an artist and capture the most romantic pictures of the couple

sunset photos

  1. Set expectations for the big day: On the day of your wedding, you should be relaxed and comfortable. As you prepare for your big day, set expectations with your family and bridesmaids so even if something doesn’t go to plan, someone will make sure it’s resolved.

           Your wedding dress is meant to be worn. Don’t be afraid get your shoes scuffed and your dress dirty as you chase that epic shot!

Jonnie + Garrett’s photography captures raw and honest love stories – the moments you didn’t realize were happening. Check out more of their work here.