Think of veils as icing on the cake, the perfect, pretty detail to top off your bridal look, but at most wedding boutiques, that little piece of tulle will cost a pretty penny, too. At Anomalie, we think that you should be able to complete your one-of-a-kind custom gown with a beautiful veil that doesn’t break the bank. So Anomalie launched a new veil line with options to finish your unique look! Here’s everything you need to know, from length to trim, to choose a bridal veil for your wedding day.

Pick your length

Flowy tulle bridal veil

Photo: Bianca Wallace Photography

Three different lengths of veils for three different styles – short and whimsical to extra-long and extra-dramatic. An Anomalie stylist will be happy to help you pick the right veil length for your venue, gown, and, most importantly, your style. Give us a text or call us at 415-993-6853.

Fingertip length bridal veil

Photo: John Schnack Photo

Fingertip – A fun and playful length that hits just below the hips, this veil is usually trimmed with beads or features lace that add more character to the back of your custom Anomalie gown.

Court length bridal veil blowing in the wind

Photo: Laura Wills Photography

Court – You’ve seen those wedding photos with the flowy tulle blowing in the wind–how picture perfect! Get the look with a court-length veil, but without too much drama that you’ll see with a cathedral-length veil.

Cathedral lace bridal veil

Photo: Janet Howard Studio

Cathedral – Make a statement with a cathedral-style veil. This super long length is extra dramatic, and if you add lace, you’ll look just like a princess. We love the royal vibe of cathedral veil!

Single vs. Double Tier

Fingertip length bridal veil featuring a double tier and lace

Photo: Capture Destiny Photos

Whether you like sweet and simple or are set in tradition, veils usually include a single layer or a double tier.

Single – A modern, simpler take on a veil, using just a single layer skips the traditional blusher to complete your wedding day look with a delicate, ethereal accessory.

Double – Cue “Here Comes the Bride!” This is the epitome of a traditional veil look you might have imagined as a little girl. A double veil features two layers for a 2-tier look in the back, or flip the second tier over your face for a blusher when walking down the aisle.

Select your trim

Raw cut edge on a single layer tulle veil

Photo: Bianca Wallace Photography

We know details are everything. A little lace or a bit of beading can add shimmer and elegance, changing your entire bridal look. 

Lace – You really can’t go wrong with a lace veil. It compliments an allover lace dress, or it adds intricate detail to a simple wedding dress style.

Beading – If you’re looking for a hint of glitter, beading on a veil makes a minimalist style gown sparkle and a detailed gown look even more glamorous.

Raw cut – Without the weight of beading or lace, a raw cut veil lends a very light and ethereal look. 

An ornate headpiece accents a bridal veil

Photo: By Amy Lynn

Stylist Tip: Anomalie veils come standard with a metal comb as the attachment piece, but you can dress up your veil and your hair with a flower crown or headpiece to make your look uniquely you. Let us help you design the wedding gown and bridal veil of your dreams!

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