There are myriad factors that come into play when choosing your wedding gown—the dress silhouette, length, fabric… Oh my! So forgive us for throwing yet another consideration into the mix—we couldn’t help but wonder… Have you considered breaking the mold with a non-white gown?

Read on to see which other colors you can wear on your big day!

Bride wearing tan-colored dress with golden undertones.
Anomalie bride, Tori, went with a tan lining for her dress. Photo: JCI Creatives

Nudes and Tans

The perfect in-between if you want to ditch all-white but prefer to keep with a classic neutral, a nude or tan dress will add just the right amount of warmth to your gown. When matched with your skin tone, these linings make your lace pop!


Pastel colors allow you to get the best of both worlds because you get to break away from white while wearing a hue that is just as soft and romantic (and technically, a pastel color is a tint which means it has white in it!). 

Bride wearing a peachy pink gown with sheer, laced long sleeves.
Stephanie topped her romantic, peachy dress (Bellini) with sheer, laced long sleeves. Photo: Cupcakes Photography


If a summer sorbet and a wedding dress got married, this is what you would get. It’s a warmer take on the blush, with golden undertones that make it perfect for a midsummer wedding.

Bride wearing a light blush gown with floral lace appliqués.
Maria glowed in her blush-tinted Anomalie design.

Blushing Bride

It’s the epitome of romance and charm. Become a blushing bride (quite literally!) in a blush dress with feminine accents for a result that is unapologetically princess-like.

Reny's gown in Vintage Rose has become a viral hit on Pinterest.
Reny’s gown in Vintage Rose has become a viral hit on Pinterest.

Vintage Rose

Vintage Rose is softer and more muted than it’s Blushing Bride counterpart, making it one of our most popular options!

Bride wearing a greyish blue gown with intricate white embroidery.
Anomalie bride, Sabina, designed her gown with a Stone Grey lining. Photo: Luis & Clarissa

Stone Grey

This moody, yet sophisticated-chic option is perfect for fall/winter weddings. Because grey is a neutral, it pairs well with almost all florals and bridesmaids dresses.

Anomalie Bride Octavia
Photo:  @jessicamumm

Blue Belle

First off, it’s your “something blue”—a clearly convenient aspect that’s impossible to ignore! But a light blue dress is also much more than that; it’s unexpected, collected, and awfully cool (like, winter-wedding-level cool).

Bride holding her lilac, long-sleeved lace dress.
Brittany went with a lovely lilac for her long-sleeved lace dress. Photo: Lenny & Melissa


Torn between blush and light blue? You might just be a lilac kind of gal. Infuse your wedding look with this refined tint and say yes to all the spring-forward vibes it brings.

Anomalie Bride Tarayn


This purple doesn’t skimp on elegance or charm. This richer shade walks the fine line of femme and bold and it’s ideal if you want to make a stronger statement with your gown.

Photo: FY Images


This one is for the gals who have always walked on the path less traveled. Bold, black elements on a wedding gown definitely bring the drama and demand attention.

Pro-Stylist Tip: So what do you think? Are you ready to follow the colored-gown road? Talk to a Stylist today to see how to add color to your dress!

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