Superheroes step aside, because brides in capes rule our world. From regal and dramatic to light and airy, capes add whimsical, enchanting detail to any Anomalie gown. Here’s why you should consider adding a cape to your bridal look:

Isabelle chose a silver sparkle tulle cape with a scalloped edge

Photo: Joel Abrahamson Photographic

Bridal capes serve a purpose

An alternative to a traditional veil, a cape can amplify your look, but it can also be a practical addition to your wedding dress. A cape adds warmth to cold shoulders on a chilly wedding day, or provides a touch of modesty for a formal church ceremony.

Nicole in a tulle cape wedding gown

Photo: Esteban Gil Photography

It can change your whole look

Whether you have a flair for the dramatic or secretly want to be Elsa from Frozen, a cape gives your wedding dress a whole new vibe. Shorter capes (capelets) lend an on-trend vintage feel for any Anomalie bride wanting to go retro. Complement a sleek, simple dress with a sheer, flowy cape to sparkle on your wedding day, or go all out with an ornate cape and an elaborate dress for an over-the-top look. When you design a dress with Anomalie, you hold the power (just like a superhero) to create the perfect wedding day ensemble.

Palm Springs bride Janelle in light tulle cape

Photo: Let’s Frolic Together

There’s no fuss

You’ve dreamed about having a train fit for royalty, but the idea of wrangling that much fabric around in a bustle is daunting. The cape to the rescue! Because capes typically attach with snaps or hook and eye at the neckline or straps of a dress, it is easily removed post-ceremony for dancing, much like a detachable train.

Anomaly Wedding gown sketch with cape, Watteau trainAn opportunity for detail

When you design a dress with Anomalie, you’ll collaborate with a stylist to make sure every part of your wedding day look is flawless from head-to-toe. A wedding cape is the perfect place to include extra-glamorous details and glitzy ornamentation with lace or beading on the shoulders or along the neckline. Sprinkle it throughout the back of the train, too!

Stylist Tip: Want to add a splash of color to your all-white dress? Let us help you design a custom cape in a variety of colors, including blush, blue, and even silver!

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Cape on Anomalie wedding gown

Photo: Joel Abrahamson Photographic


Photo: Esteban Gil Photography


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