You just got engaged (congrats!), and even though you’re dizzy with excitement, you’re also completely overwhelmed while staring down a list of wedding planning to-dos. Deadlines for booking a venue, florist, and photographer are an absolute must! And, of course, you can’t forget your wedding dress!

Breathe! Your wedding day will all come together. Sticking to a wedding planning timeline, including you purchasing a dress, will ensure a magical wedding day in a gown you love. At Anomalie, we strive to make the process of creating a custom wedding gown easy and fun for all our brides; however, we put a lot of love… and time into creating unique dresses for brides. Here’s what you need to know about the timeline of designing your dream wedding dress with Anomalie.

When is the best time to order my Anomalie gown?

The sweet spot is 9-12 months before your wedding date!

We know it seems like a long time, but–it’s true, time flies! You’ll want to allow enough time for the dress creation process and any necessary alterations once you have your gown, so we recommend ordering your dress 8-10+ months out from the date of your wedding. Before purchasing your dress, you’ll need to have your design appointment on the books.

What is the absolute latest I can order my gown from Anomalie?

Six months out from your wedding date, but we don’t suggest cutting it this close!

Make sure to talk to your stylist about the timeline of your Anomalie wedding dress if you are 6-8 months out from your wedding and haven’t ordered your dress. There may be some design limitations, like hand-beading or complex designs, if you order your dress with less than 8 months before your wedding.

When should I schedule my Design Appointment?

As soon as you have an idea of what you want to wear on your big day! Ideally, no less than 8 months before your wedding.

A Design Appointment with Anomalie should be scheduled once you’ve done your research and are set on the special details you want to incorporate into your gown’s design. We suggest drawing inspiration from past Anomalie dresses, scouring from Pinterest, or trying on gowns to make sure you are confident in the silhouette and style of your dress. Upload inspiration photos to your lookbook and comment on the images to tell your stylist what you like! Schedule your design appointment here.

When should I expect to receive my dress?

After you place your order, get ready for the best mail day ever after 5-6 months!*

Once you say YES to the custom wedding dress, this is where the real fun begins!

  • Pre-production (~1 month**) – First steps, you’ll schedule your design appointment & work with your stylist to finalize the details of your dress design. We’ll upload a sketch to your dashboard, send you fabric samples in the mail, for you to touch, feel, and choose what your dress will be designed with, ask that you complete your measurements (with the help of a friend!), and provide lace/beading options (if your dress includes either). 
  • Production (~4-5 months) –  After you put your final stamp of approval on your design, your dress will go into production at our workshop! From there our technical experts work their magic in bringing your vision to life.
  • Delivery & Unboxing – You have received your wedding dress! You can invite all your friends and family to unbox the dress or take a video of your reaction to send to your stylist. We would love to hear how it fits! Although your wedding dress is made using your measurements, you should still anticipate some dress alterations to achieve that perfect wedding day fit. We recommend scheduling an appointment with a local tailor 

*The timeline for receiving your wedding gown is subject to change.

**Pre-production timeline is dependent on the amount of time it takes to finalize the details mentioned above.

When should I schedule my first fitting?

Once you receive your dress!

When purchasing a wedding dress online, you may often wonder “How will I know the dress will fit me?” As a Pro-Bride business, our goal is to design a dress that fits better than most (designing a dress online just got even better 😍) We simply believe that every bride has measurements we will use to create their dream gown! We will be sending you an Anomalie measuring tape, for you to take in the comfort of your own home or by a local tailor! We know a lot can change in the time we design your gown, so you may need to get in touch with a tailor for those 1 if 2 small fittings, for that ‘wedding day’ fit. We’ve had brides and even one of our own employees receive their gown and it fit like a glove and didn’t need anything altered! However, here at Anomalie, we offer the ANOMALIE FitCommit: if the cost of your alterations exceeds $299 due to fit, we will cover the rest!

I’m trying to lose weight for the wedding. When do I need to submit my measurements?

Talk to your stylist to decide on a timeline together!

First & foremost we hope you know you are beautiful just the way you are, and your fiancé put a ring on it to prove it! Although we don’t think any bride needs to lose weight before the wedding, we get it. You want you to feel your best on the most important day of your life. Your stylist will work with you on the deadline for submitting your measurements if you are trying to shave off a few inches.

The short answer to all of these questions? Go ahead & schedule your design appointment and chat with your personal Anomalie stylist to get all of your questions answered. Let’s start creating your dream wedding dress–schedule a call today

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