When Ana Jablinski was just 13-years-old, she turned a pair of ill-fitting jeans into a pair of shorts, and then turned those shorts into a skirt, spurring a love for fashion design. Now, as Anomalie’s custom wedding dress sketch artist, Ana helps bring a bride’s dream dress to life, a role, she says, is both inspiring and fulfilling. Meet our super talented sketch artist, Ana, and check out some of her favorite illustrations of Anomalie wedding gowns:

Design 1

“This design has a great sense of balance. All of the elements combined convey a style that is boho, but also very elegant and feminine. I love the flutter sleeves and how they compliment the two-piece design.

What’s your favorite part about working for Anomalie?

A bride’s wedding dress is probably the most important and meaningful garment she will wear in her entire life, and having a role in making that dress come to life is extremely inspiring and fulfilling. I sometimes wish I could be there to see them walk down the aisle in the dresses we helped create. Having brides send us their wedding photos or videos after their wedding is definitely the next best thing! 

Design 2

“My attention to detail helps define my work. This dress was a challenge for me, because the intricate lace patterns were difficult to capture accurately, as the lace placement is untraditional on the train. But I love the light, ethereal quality of the dress.” – Ana

How did you get into art and design and become a sketch artist?

I don’t consider myself a sketch artist as much as I consider myself a fashion designer. I started creating clothes for myself when I was 13 years old. My cousin bought me a pair of jeans that didn’t fit, but I loved the stitching on the pockets. I decided to turn the jeans into a pair of shorts, and then I turned the shorts into a skirt. From there, I started making my own clothes and customizing other items, including jewelry. After graduating college with a Bachelor’s degree in fashion design, I worked for multiple companies in my home country, Brazil, designing athletic wear, swimwear, and casual wear.

This is my first role focused solely on fashion illustration. Every day is an opportunity for me to help brides achieve their vision, while also improving my own drawing and design skills.

Design 5

“This dress is a great example of how to incorporate a fun and beautiful element of surprise. The silhouette is simple, but it is perfectly offset by the sequined lining that is barely visible underneath.” – Ana

What are your favorite types of sketches to create?

I love drawing the human body. That may sound strange coming from a fashion designer, but a person’s body and face, when captured effectively in a drawing, can imbue an outfit with style and energy, much like a model is able to achieve on the runway. The whole purpose of fashion is to compliment and redefine the human body, so capturing both elements in a sketch or a design is a fun challenge. I’m able to incorporate this into the Anomalie process when brides upload inspiration photos for their wedding dress to their “lookbook.” I am able to pull from their inspiration to help create a wedding dress sketch that embodies their energy and the overall look they are trying to achieve for their wedding gown.

Design 4

“This is a great example of a design that uses color in a beautiful, understated way. It almost feels as if the bride is already standing in a garden, surrounded by falling spring flowers.” – Ana

What is your favorite wedding dress trend that you are seeing a lot of right now?

Many brides are now incorporating meaningful personalizations. From song lyrics to stitched names of people or places, Anomalie brides are finding creative and unique ways to honor their love and their family and friends with special, unique details.

Design 3

“This bride wanted beadwork done in an Art Deco style that is reminiscent of the 1920s. When paired with this particular silhouette, it creates a modern and elegant style that is very slimming and streamlined.” – Ana


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